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July 30, 2006

Qui suis moi

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For those of u wondering what this means I can only say that its the place to introduce myself. Well not to tell about me right now. All I can say that is that I am a Btech student and like most of those techies round here exploring ways to make something for my bloody stomach. I hope you get it.
Apart from that, me still single(any ladies watching?) and looking too. Hmmm lets see if anyone’s actually watching!!!
As far as the tech part goes, me an open source guy(though I dont know much of coding, still!). For those of you wondering what open source is all about why dont you go through this or if like orkutting then this might be right place for you. If you what open source is all about and are critical of it then I would suggest you to watch Antitrust(movie).
Barring all that I am fun loving guy, love to orkut and a great madness for cricket()maybe if you are from college you would be surprised). Anyways my other liking is for Bikes (but not babes).
I am also quite ambitious(as ppl say) and have quite big dreams. If they become true I dont what I will become. Lets hope I succeed. Amin!!!


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