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August 20, 2006

Work hard , Party harder !!!

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All you people must have heard the saying ” Work hard and Party harder” but hopefully not found people who implement the same. This was the case with me also until I had the oppurtunity to have a dinner party with the ILUG-D people at the completion of the workshop, a successful one.
After 6 hectic weeks it came to an end finally and we took a huge sigh of relief. Time moves really fast. That night after returning from Nirula’s (the one near priya) I was thinking as if last weekend only we appeared for the test and this weekend the workshop ended…
Ankit , Gurpreet and Dhiraj missed the party due to various reasons and we really missed them. The JNU team was also there and duly supported us. The food I think I should not talk about because if you are a non-vegetarian then then you cant avoid water in your mouth. The bill might have soared like anything I guess but I think we should not care of that if we are with the ILUG-D people.
I never knew people can enjoy as well as work to the same extent. If you wanna learn something then meet Raj Sir , Gora Sir , Triveni sir and Andrew Sir as well. Andrew Sir is even more cooler than a cucumber I must say.
Well , the work or the party’s not over yet. We have to be there each sunday and that means that work and enjoyment will continue atleast till the project continues (hopefully we complete it before the specified six months time). Amen !!!


August 16, 2006

Beckham screwed up!!!

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Can you believe it , Sachin Tendulkar being thrown out of the team for poor performance!!! I guess your first reaction would be “when did this happen?” Well this is what happened in England a couple of days ago. No , not ofcourse was Sachin fired from the English team but even a bigger personality , thats none other than David Beckham , was fired from the team by new manager Steve McClaren and that to on basis of poor performance. This was shocking for any soccer enthusiast. He scored twice in the world cup finals at Germany and was an integral part of the team on the road to the quater finals. Had luck supported they would have reached the big finals , as they were strongest team on paper.
And if thats not enough Beckham has even claimed in public that the new manager had told him that the doors are shut for him for the future also. Though McClaren denies Beckham’s claims and that he will called back if he performs. Well . what the truth is we might never come to know but all I can say is that this is simply unjust soccer and you should not devoid people of watching such a great player playing for his country!!!
Complete article.
For more details click here .

Soccer Mania

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I have always been following all sorts of outdoor sports, be it soccer, cricket, lawn tennis, rugby, hockey or my favourite F1. The world cup soccer has just winded up and now starts the thrilling EPL (English Premiership League). The premiershipship is the most famous club championship , others famous being Spanish Primera Liga , FA Cup , Italian Serie A. and the mother of all battles UEFA Champions League. But my favourite stays the EPL. Played in the lush green fields of England, it features the best of the players from the world and the best quality of football, as far as I feel. Most of the big players long to play in the championship.
Here my favourite has always been Manchester United. The club has won the title, I think. the maximum no of times. Also the best players have played for this club. Even David Beckam , the great english footballer and the captain of the England team, until he resigned from the post following the early and unexpected exit of England from the world cup finals in Germany, started his career from this club until he moved to Real Madrid a couple of years ago.
The present champions since the past two years have been Chelsea and they are even the strongest team on paper this year too specially after the transfer of German captain Michael Ballack. This proves yet again that Chelsea are really spending the most money out there. Lets see if he can continue the winning streak (losing only 1 match last season) of Chelsea when the championship kicks off This Weekend. As always I will miss the season as college is starting from monday. HUH!! wonder when will I be ale to watch the next match live or an F1 race for that matter. Thanx to the media that I am updated , otherwise I would have been ………….. dunno know myself .

August 6, 2006

Ubuntu Dapper Sucks

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I have been using Ubuntu for some time now. I started with 4.04 Hoary Hedgehog, then came 5.10 Breezy Badger and now comes 6.06 Dapper Drake(I always like the names they use). I have had good experiences with the previous two versions but this one sucks. First of all we poor Indians can’t afford much of ram and specially at this college level, when we want to get everything ourselves. So 256 MB seems quite insufficient. Then comes the drastic problem of its installation. Actually it is based on ubuquity and that doesn’t seem fine at all. The funda of having a live cd as the installer cd doesn’t seem good. Originally knoppix came with the concept and now many are following it. But my and infact my friends’ experiences with it have not been good with it. In most cases the installation stops at the partitioning the drives. Infact the installation success rate has been so poor that finally I have switched back to Breezy. And it gave me a lot of relief. Ah!!! the sound system and the videos have started working again.

August 4, 2006

JNU mein masti

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Its been some days (4 weeks to be precise) since we‘ve been at JNU now. Now it looks its become our new workplace and RKGIT has become our home. It gives us great pleasure when we return to our new home!!! And this weekend when we met Andrew Sir, he said “Enjoy your break” , it gave me immense pleasure. Seems like we are working a lot and getting breaks in between to refresh ourselves.
The Workshop has taught us a lot and even taught how to make most of the resources. The other thing workshop we have done at the workshop is ,made new good friends. Saleem impresses me the most. His determination and focus are just awesome. He’s one of those guys who “work while they work and play while they play”. Rare to find such type of people, especially at RKGIT. The other guy I like is Ankit. He’s different from Saleem. He is hard working and more importantly very cool. His simplicity is what attracts me the most. I just wonder how can someone be so simple. I wish I could be so simple and yet so dynamic. And he does play nice guitar too. Apart from them there is Jasdeep. Nice and decent sardar. First sardar I have seen who is a vegetarian!!! And there is Sumathy , with whom I haven’t talked much. Not to mention there are JNU people who are supporting us(clients as Raj Mathur calls them). Among them there are Dhwani sir, Soumyadip sir, Ipsita ma’m and not to forget everyone’s favourite Barkha ma’am(all r there on orkut but no link to be provided).
Apart from making friends we have learnt a bit of perl, some python. Barring all these we’ve even got some knowledge on bio-informatics. All in all its some informative and baaki masti.
I never thought though that I would be one day attending the workshop. I didn’t have any interest earlier. Appeared for the test just like that. Faired poorly in that. Then they gave another opportunity. And this time we took it with both hands. As a result all of us got selected. It was the masti we made at our first trip when we went for the test that inspired a bit to be at JNU. And now everyday its masti.

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