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August 4, 2006

JNU mein masti

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Its been some days (4 weeks to be precise) since we‘ve been at JNU now. Now it looks its become our new workplace and RKGIT has become our home. It gives us great pleasure when we return to our new home!!! And this weekend when we met Andrew Sir, he said “Enjoy your break” , it gave me immense pleasure. Seems like we are working a lot and getting breaks in between to refresh ourselves.
The Workshop has taught us a lot and even taught how to make most of the resources. The other thing workshop we have done at the workshop is ,made new good friends. Saleem impresses me the most. His determination and focus are just awesome. He’s one of those guys who “work while they work and play while they play”. Rare to find such type of people, especially at RKGIT. The other guy I like is Ankit. He’s different from Saleem. He is hard working and more importantly very cool. His simplicity is what attracts me the most. I just wonder how can someone be so simple. I wish I could be so simple and yet so dynamic. And he does play nice guitar too. Apart from them there is Jasdeep. Nice and decent sardar. First sardar I have seen who is a vegetarian!!! And there is Sumathy , with whom I haven’t talked much. Not to mention there are JNU people who are supporting us(clients as Raj Mathur calls them). Among them there are Dhwani sir, Soumyadip sir, Ipsita ma’m and not to forget everyone’s favourite Barkha ma’am(all r there on orkut but no link to be provided).
Apart from making friends we have learnt a bit of perl, some python. Barring all these we’ve even got some knowledge on bio-informatics. All in all its some informative and baaki masti.
I never thought though that I would be one day attending the workshop. I didn’t have any interest earlier. Appeared for the test just like that. Faired poorly in that. Then they gave another opportunity. And this time we took it with both hands. As a result all of us got selected. It was the masti we made at our first trip when we went for the test that inspired a bit to be at JNU. And now everyday its masti.


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