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August 16, 2006

Beckham screwed up!!!

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Can you believe it , Sachin Tendulkar being thrown out of the team for poor performance!!! I guess your first reaction would be “when did this happen?” Well this is what happened in England a couple of days ago. No , not ofcourse was Sachin fired from the English team but even a bigger personality , thats none other than David Beckham , was fired from the team by new manager Steve McClaren and that to on basis of poor performance. This was shocking for any soccer enthusiast. He scored twice in the world cup finals at Germany and was an integral part of the team on the road to the quater finals. Had luck supported they would have reached the big finals , as they were strongest team on paper.
And if thats not enough Beckham has even claimed in public that the new manager had told him that the doors are shut for him for the future also. Though McClaren denies Beckham’s claims and that he will called back if he performs. Well . what the truth is we might never come to know but all I can say is that this is simply unjust soccer and you should not devoid people of watching such a great player playing for his country!!!
Complete article.
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