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August 16, 2006

Soccer Mania

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I have always been following all sorts of outdoor sports, be it soccer, cricket, lawn tennis, rugby, hockey or my favourite F1. The world cup soccer has just winded up and now starts the thrilling EPL (English Premiership League). The premiershipship is the most famous club championship , others famous being Spanish Primera Liga , FA Cup , Italian Serie A. and the mother of all battles UEFA Champions League. But my favourite stays the EPL. Played in the lush green fields of England, it features the best of the players from the world and the best quality of football, as far as I feel. Most of the big players long to play in the championship.
Here my favourite has always been Manchester United. The club has won the title, I think. the maximum no of times. Also the best players have played for this club. Even David Beckam , the great english footballer and the captain of the England team, until he resigned from the post following the early and unexpected exit of England from the world cup finals in Germany, started his career from this club until he moved to Real Madrid a couple of years ago.
The present champions since the past two years have been Chelsea and they are even the strongest team on paper this year too specially after the transfer of German captain Michael Ballack. This proves yet again that Chelsea are really spending the most money out there. Lets see if he can continue the winning streak (losing only 1 match last season) of Chelsea when the championship kicks off This Weekend. As always I will miss the season as college is starting from monday. HUH!! wonder when will I be ale to watch the next match live or an F1 race for that matter. Thanx to the media that I am updated , otherwise I would have been ………….. dunno know myself .


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