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September 21, 2006

A simple THANKS works

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When Raj sir mailed about the call for volunteers he made some funny statements. He told them the volunteers will be getting a Tshirt, a group foto and a satisfaction for job well done. Initially that looked quite hilarious. But seriously telling when the final speech and vote of thanks was being made by him the volunteers got the thanks at the second position straightaway just behind the event organisers JNU and people there. It was a great feeling. A part of his words as I can recall were, “The second thanks goes straight to these guyz with almost sleepy eyes, people in black t-shirts and torn jeans and …………. ” and that gave a strange joy to me atleast, can’t say bout others.
I mean it was just awesome and that’s what I njoyed the most. Here’s the group pic that was promised.


September 18, 2006

Freedel ‘06 was awesome…

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It was events time at the ILUG-D. It was my first event with the group and the experience was just awesome. A lot to learn and a lot to explore. It seems whenever I get a feeling that I know something and I stand somewhere in the student community, something good takes place and the feeling vanishes and the feeling ” I should know more and I am nowhere” just takes over. I guess anyone can get that feeling if he sees equal aged people giving presentations and talking like they are equal to people of double their age. It was embarassing when I met two third year CS students giving presentations like anything, and that too on topics which I had never heard of. It just dissapoints me. And then it gives me inspiration. So thats what keeps me going.
As far as the event is concerned, it was seminars, talks, workshops, fun,T-Shirts, beer, chicken and a hell lot of other things. We, the RKGIT Team, were volunteers and so could not attend many seminars but it was always whenever we could scratch out time we just scraped to attend anything interesting. There are a couple of things to be shared. First is that the ILUG-D is filled of people who are bachelors though not by age but by the way they work. Everything is left for the last minute. and then too they are late. Its almost like we work. It gives us a friendly atmosphere for working and we never get the feeling like we are working with people who are actually quite older than us. Thats what makes the working even more pleasant. And after all working with professionals is altogether a great feeling.
Some time ago I spoke of working hard and partying harder. And last two days have been an amazing example of that. The entire saturday all of us worked like anything and in the night it was an entirely a dfferent scenario. Beer pouring everywhere, accompanied with all sorts of dishes – veg or non veg. Me a definite non veg lover so didn’t even have a look at the veg stuff. We partied till midnight and then had to move to Gora sir’s place to have some rest. And I must mention I saw just another example of Gora sir’s flexibility. Try to get a feeling of this. Morning he comes at 9. Helps around with everything. Then takes a 3 hour hectic workshop. Followed by the usual works and attending talks with equivalent interest. He never looked tired, I dunno how. And then at night he looked the perfect party animal. I heard that he had 6-8 bottles of beer. Had all sorts of food and then was perfectly fine as he wrote his address for the cab driver. For only one instance we saw that his legs faulted. When Dhiraj offered to hold his laptop, his reply just stunned me. He said ” I can do this till I have teeth left in my mouth “. Its all about determination I guess. He made us perfectly comfortable at his home and next morning we all left early. So I think I do not need to say anything about him. I am speechless.Well that does not mean I am taking away credit away from anybody else. Each of them was equally determined for their works.
The other thing I would share is that fo the first time I saw real an actual geeks. They knew just everything and anything. Ranging from computers to geography to science to any other field I should say. It just thrilled me. They even won a bet from Raj sir and that too about networking. Huh!!
I think I will keep on saying till anyone stops me. So rest is left foir next time when I have the fotos. So keep checking.

September 11, 2006

First RKG-LUG Meet

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After weeks of perseverance , we finally succeeded in conductiong the first RKG-LUG Meet. It was quite well organized and went in after a few unavoidable things. The to be president Gaurav Sir had to leave for nainital and we had to go on with the meeting despite his absence. He was ready with the opening presentation already (though incomplete) but at the very last moment it was decided that I would be taking up his role because of his absence. I had a first look at his presentation at 10 am only. The meeting was to start at 1.30 pm. Ginni took up to speak about Linux , Gurpreet put some light on Freedel and LinuxAsia while Dhiraj displayed some cool things that can be done on linux. He was duly supported by Madhav, who started the meet. We were very well supported by Ashu Sir and Ankur Sir (who took a very nice example of a toothpaste to tackle one question).
Ginni appeared to be a bit reluctant in speaking but others were quite comfortable with the crowd. I am satisfied with my performance, as it was more of a extempore than a lecture. I also very satisfied as I got a couple of compliments, one of them a special for me, given by Ankur sir. He said ” You have started speaking exactly like Raj Mathur”. I think this is quite an achievement. In only my third seminar (first two were of animation workshops) if I can do that then I feel I can do quite a lot of wonders. And it also made me feel that I am heading in the right direction, that is becoming an entrepreneur. Lets see how far do I get in this college life !!!

September 10, 2006

Movies , movies and movies……

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Its been some 2 weeks now since I have been waiting to write this post. Since I watched Swades (2nd time I think) I have been thinking that yes movies do help sometimes. The first time I watched that movie I decided something (I won’t tell here) , and now when I watched it again it has just reminded me of that something. I am getting close to my goal but haven’t accomplished it yet. I have made a quite a number of promises and it will take time to fulfill those. The movie is just awesome, never understand how that movie didn’t succeed on the box office. If you haven’t seen it yet do watch it , contact me if you want.
And now that its been some time since I watched Swades there are a couple of others I would like to talk about. First is Tokyo Drift (Fast and Furious). Its all about cars and galz. I love cars and speed just thrills me. It’s music is also rocking. Downloaded the mp3 as well as video the next day itself. If you love cars or speed then its a go-go from my side.
The last one is Lage Raho Munnabhai, watched it today only. Great to see that such movies can still be made. Its all together a different concept and after sometime again had the oppurtunity to watch a movie with a message. Seems there are still people who believe in the Gandhaian philosophy. Frankly telling even I don’t believe in it but it was nice to watch the philosophy working, atleast in the movie. But some things can be learnt. You just need to know what.
Its good watching movies and one should watch it atleast if the reviews are good.

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