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September 10, 2006

Movies , movies and movies……

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Its been some 2 weeks now since I have been waiting to write this post. Since I watched Swades (2nd time I think) I have been thinking that yes movies do help sometimes. The first time I watched that movie I decided something (I won’t tell here) , and now when I watched it again it has just reminded me of that something. I am getting close to my goal but haven’t accomplished it yet. I have made a quite a number of promises and it will take time to fulfill those. The movie is just awesome, never understand how that movie didn’t succeed on the box office. If you haven’t seen it yet do watch it , contact me if you want.
And now that its been some time since I watched Swades there are a couple of others I would like to talk about. First is Tokyo Drift (Fast and Furious). Its all about cars and galz. I love cars and speed just thrills me. It’s music is also rocking. Downloaded the mp3 as well as video the next day itself. If you love cars or speed then its a go-go from my side.
The last one is Lage Raho Munnabhai, watched it today only. Great to see that such movies can still be made. Its all together a different concept and after sometime again had the oppurtunity to watch a movie with a message. Seems there are still people who believe in the Gandhaian philosophy. Frankly telling even I don’t believe in it but it was nice to watch the philosophy working, atleast in the movie. But some things can be learnt. You just need to know what.
Its good watching movies and one should watch it atleast if the reviews are good.


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