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September 11, 2006

First RKG-LUG Meet

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After weeks of perseverance , we finally succeeded in conductiong the first RKG-LUG Meet. It was quite well organized and went in after a few unavoidable things. The to be president Gaurav Sir had to leave for nainital and we had to go on with the meeting despite his absence. He was ready with the opening presentation already (though incomplete) but at the very last moment it was decided that I would be taking up his role because of his absence. I had a first look at his presentation at 10 am only. The meeting was to start at 1.30 pm. Ginni took up to speak about Linux , Gurpreet put some light on Freedel and LinuxAsia while Dhiraj displayed some cool things that can be done on linux. He was duly supported by Madhav, who started the meet. We were very well supported by Ashu Sir and Ankur Sir (who took a very nice example of a toothpaste to tackle one question).
Ginni appeared to be a bit reluctant in speaking but others were quite comfortable with the crowd. I am satisfied with my performance, as it was more of a extempore than a lecture. I also very satisfied as I got a couple of compliments, one of them a special for me, given by Ankur sir. He said ” You have started speaking exactly like Raj Mathur”. I think this is quite an achievement. In only my third seminar (first two were of animation workshops) if I can do that then I feel I can do quite a lot of wonders. And it also made me feel that I am heading in the right direction, that is becoming an entrepreneur. Lets see how far do I get in this college life !!!


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