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October 11, 2006

The big installation problem

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hi all
This post is not because I wish to write but because I am forced to do it by none other than by myself. Its been a lot of time I have been installing ubuntu desktops and so I thought to write it here for all u people who wish to do so. Wasting not much time I would start. the order may vary as I cant recall the exact order but it will give u complete info. Here it goes :
1. Select the language for installation— for obvious reasons select english
2. Select ur keyboard layout— American english to b selected
3. Select time zone – calcutta
4. Editing the partition table—- the most important step
[i] Select “manually edit partition table“.
[ii] You have to make sure that u know which of your partitions are empty (atleast 5 gb needed)
[iii] Select that partition and select ” delete the partition
[iv] Now you must be having free space (lets suppose its 10 gb)
[v] Select ” create new partition ” . select the size of new partition (9.5 gb in this case). select partition type to EXT3. Give the mount point as root, denoted by “/”. You should format the partition too (as a option is there and no harm in doing that).
[vi] Select the rest space (500 mb in this case) for swap area (partition type). The swap area should not be more than more than twice the ram. The swap area acts like a virtual memory for the computer.
[vii] Finally ” finish changes and write changes to disk “.
[ix] By now the installation should start and hopefully continues smoothly.
5. You should be prompted for username and password in the meantime, filling which should not be a problem.

Just follow these steps and the system should be ready
More details would be posted later as now i m feeling sleepy. Get back to u guys later


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