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October 12, 2006

Installation done !! Now move ahead

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Last night I was too sleepy to write this part so …… Anyways, now that you are started with the

machine you must be wanting to play music and your favourite videos. So you need to know the

names of some of the players as well as the plugins needed. Here’s the list

Exclusively Audio file players

1. Amarok– my favourite
2. Xmms
3. Rythmbox Music player


1. Kaffeine— my favourite
2. VLC player
3. Mplayer
4. Totem music player
5. Xine

I think these many are sufficient for a good music buff. The plugins that are neccessary are

1. Alsa
2. Gstreamer ( gstreamer0.8-plugins3 , gstreamer0.8-lame, gstreamer0.8-ffmpeg )
3. Lame
4. Sox
5. w32 codecs
6. libdivx4linux
7. ffmpeg
8. mpeg-tools
9. vorbis-tools
10. gst-register-0.8

The packages will be there in the synaptic package manager (System-> administration-> synaptic

package manager). Dont worry if you find them. There are other ways to do them too. W32 as of

now I have seen seems to missing in some of the pc’s. For that you can run the following code in

the terminal after making sure that synaptic or any other updates are not taking place. The code is

$wget -c”

The dollar sign will be there beforehand so neglect that.

This will copy the w32 codecs for you an save them in .deb form . In my case it was saved in

/home/abhinav . So you can see that directory first to make sure its downloaded (obviously

replacing abhinav with your login name). Go to the downloaded directory and type the following


$dpkg -i w32codecs_20060611-1plf1_i386.deb

and voila your codecs should be installed. Mind it the name above w32…. is the name of the

package I got. You may get some other name too.

I think thats all about I need to tell about multimedia etc. One important thing for synaptic to work

is do this

$sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

You will be prompted for password. Enter that. Then edit the file as follows

remove “#” sign from lines which includes a hyperlink. Also remove “in” from the hyperlinks. For

eg , you may be seeing something like

# deb-src http://in.archive…… .com

This should be changed to

deb-src http://archive….. .com

I think I am quite clear. The above step has to done for all similar lines. Also you might be seeing

some lines ending with “universe”. Just add ” multiverse” after a space to universe. You should

find 4 such places. Just save the file after doing the above. And them start synaptic pkg manager.

Make the neccessary changes in the network settings (if needed). And then press reload. Some package downloading should start. When thats complete you should find 18880 packages listed or maybe 18872, in some cases. Find this figure on the bottom left corner. When thats done, just search for the packages written above and more of your choice and wow thats all required.
This seems long if you read, but believe me it took 5 minutes actually to a new person who has even a little bit of common sense (quite rare these days though).
If any help is required apart from that written feel free to contact me @ 9891435589.
Thats enough on my part. Now you gotta job on hand dear. Go ahead and enjoy Ubuntu.


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