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October 16, 2006

Ever met angels??? I did !!!

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Yeah, I know it sounds strange but my experience with Pandey Sir tempts me to write all this. People with thinking like he has are difficult to come across and specially at his age. He is always talking about the welfare of others. He says he doesn’t need money,just provide him with sufficient money so as to make his living possible. He says that he wants to do atleast something in life and that should be such that he should be happy with that after all. These days he’s greatly involved in the work for the poor people. Localisation is one thing he’s looking upon as the next major task. He wants to take open source softwares to the rural world. he wants that all goan walahs even to know and can use the technology. No one should be devoid of knowledge.
I have been deeply impressed by the way he talks and whatever he thinks . I mean you can just hear to his talks. You just cannot ignore him. He is so impressive and clear in his views that any one can be impressed in the first blow itself.
Frankly speaking I haven’t met anyone till date who really wants to work for the society and that too by heart. Lets see how much successful he can be. And in fact wish him all the luck for the future. Amen…


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