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November 16, 2006

Hindi is our national language, or is it?

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Ever since I have been using Hindi in the conversations, especially scrapping, people have been putting this question in front of me, “Why are you writing in Hindi or Where from this desire to write in Hindi has come?” I have been answering almost same to all the people that Hindi is our national language and we need to respect it. Am I wrong?
In the race to get a job in an MNC people have using english or atleast trying to do so. It’s right from that point of view, but now people have started writing Hindi using the English alphabets. Is this justified or is the language getting its due respect? People, especially students are in this habit. They do not respect the nation or their national language for that matter.
Lately, I understood the importance of Hindi in our country. Figure this out. A majority of the national population does not know English. In fact the most common language of the country is Hindi. Most of the Indian companies want to get an international status, few of them have succeeded also but in that quest they have left their home country behind. They do not care about the upliftment of the society. They want to make India a technological hub of the world. But is that possible without the common man understanding that technology. The common man, who does not understand English. So to make them understand the technology, we need to understand them that in the language which they understand i.e. their native language. Now can anybody have any other solution that makes India a technical hub of the world without using Hindi?
My personal experience says that the present youth understands English better than Hindi. Is that correct? If we do not understand then how can we make others understand? We need to take some serious steps in this field. Let the farmers know what will the weather be like today and in the next few days. Let them understand the power of internet and make them understand the real might of the technology and the muscle of India.
Examples of such countries are Japan(the present technology hub of the world), China, Russia and many others, where people do not speak English and always converse in their native language irrespective of the person’s origin they are talking to. Can’t we learn from them??
So its a request to all my readers, to something for the nation and do something that makes you proud of. ?? ????? !!!


November 11, 2006

Hey I found something new

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The first thing when I switch my system on is that I play some song. And its been some days now since I have been hearing new songs only. Today morning when I started browsing folders for selecting songs for the playlist suddenly I thought to change. I selected a folder which I never browse. Can you guess which ?? No I suppose. It had the title “Ghazals”. Haha, a big change. And then without even looking at the songs I selected all and put them to play. After some time you know what I was thinking, ” I have so many nice songs in my system and I never knew!!!” . Really those were really nice and its night now and I am still listening those only. And yeah still hunting for more of such songs. Hope I find some more.
Great to explore myself and happy to find more likings.

November 10, 2006

Golden days remembered

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Just half an hour earlier I was at the volleyball court .The recently built court prompted me to play again and this time I did not stop and ended up with pulling a lot of crowd.
Playing has always been fun for me and I have loved to play since I was 5 years old (as I can recall). I just never seem to get tired while playing, be it cricket, basketball or volleyball for that matter. I can’t control myself either. Infact today I played both the games, volleyball as well as basketball (also after 5 years). Hah I really enjoyed.
Playing has brought about a change in me. No, its not for my good but for my bad instead. Yes, I know it very well. My patience has again and again been tested and I have become short tempered again. I left the volleyball court without saying anything to anyone. My desire and my will to win has brought about this change in me. Actually I can’t see myself losing and specially because of some one else’s fault.
My seriousness in whatever I do is like a boon for me, but when those involved with me are not as serious as me then I just start losing my patience. May be I expect too much from others but its all about team work and when people fall after taking responsibility then it just hurts me in the brain straightaway and those silly excuses just take me to my extremes. The class 8 Abhinav Sahai takes over and the days when I just never lost in anything get over me.
Maybe this may help me somewhere. But as of now I just wanna get over this. Let’s see if it’s for my good. After all “Everything happens for our own good.”

November 9, 2006

Things ain’t easy

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The semester end is nearing and we haven’t been able to conduct even a single CSI event. Infact all we have succeeded is getting an Inaugaration function to be organized. This is a success or a failure ??? I feel its a faliure. Whatever plans we had remained plans only. No work for the fest has started and this is a very bad sign. Talks, talks and talks are all what we have managed. Everyone else in the college is thinking that we are doing something although only we know that in the real sense nothing is happenning. Apart from that the semester exams are coming and thats a tension too. Oh not to forget that great college people have sent notice at home regarding poor attendance and poor performance in sessionals. Seems everything is getting out of control.
I am going for an abdrupt end because I dont know why I am writing this ………
May God help me. Amen

November 5, 2006

Who owns the internet ?

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It’s been some days now that I have put this question in front of many people and to myself too, but as alchemist says ” When you plan to achieve something , the entire universe conspires you to attain that” and thats what happened with me. A couple of days earlier I popped this question in front of some friends and then only I saw the newspaper which answered atleast some of them. Like, the person behind the idea or better known as the person who did it is Tim Berners-Lee. The first website is the CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva) website. When the web was started it was started as a mechanism for sharing high energy particle data.
That’s history now and presently as in the last week of October the count of the website is 100 million. Now the next question that might arise is, who keeps track of this information ?? This answer I found pretty quickly, thanks to “The Times Of India” (Nov 3 06 edition). Netcraft , is the internet monitoring company. It keeps track of this count through the domain name system. And guess what? Netcraft also keeps information of the location of the websites, what operating system are they based and even what web server software are they running. Cool isn’t it ?
As far as Netcraft is concerned, it is based in Bath, England. It says the first website was developed in 1989 . About Tim Berrners (who invented the web’s basic software), my information says he’s an Oxford educated Englishman and presently a researcher at MIT (which is the premier technical institute of the world), along with being a professor at University of Southampton an the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (an internet standards getting organization). All this info about Mr Lee is courtesy “The Hindu” (Nov 3 again).
The moral of the topic is that the alchemist was right, atleast my experience says so !!!

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