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November 5, 2006

Who owns the internet ?

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It’s been some days now that I have put this question in front of many people and to myself too, but as alchemist says ” When you plan to achieve something , the entire universe conspires you to attain that” and thats what happened with me. A couple of days earlier I popped this question in front of some friends and then only I saw the newspaper which answered atleast some of them. Like, the person behind the idea or better known as the person who did it is Tim Berners-Lee. The first website is the CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva) website. When the web was started it was started as a mechanism for sharing high energy particle data.
That’s history now and presently as in the last week of October the count of the website is 100 million. Now the next question that might arise is, who keeps track of this information ?? This answer I found pretty quickly, thanks to “The Times Of India” (Nov 3 06 edition). Netcraft , is the internet monitoring company. It keeps track of this count through the domain name system. And guess what? Netcraft also keeps information of the location of the websites, what operating system are they based and even what web server software are they running. Cool isn’t it ?
As far as Netcraft is concerned, it is based in Bath, England. It says the first website was developed in 1989 . About Tim Berrners (who invented the web’s basic software), my information says he’s an Oxford educated Englishman and presently a researcher at MIT (which is the premier technical institute of the world), along with being a professor at University of Southampton an the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (an internet standards getting organization). All this info about Mr Lee is courtesy “The Hindu” (Nov 3 again).
The moral of the topic is that the alchemist was right, atleast my experience says so !!!


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