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November 16, 2006

Hindi is our national language, or is it?

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Ever since I have been using Hindi in the conversations, especially scrapping, people have been putting this question in front of me, “Why are you writing in Hindi or Where from this desire to write in Hindi has come?” I have been answering almost same to all the people that Hindi is our national language and we need to respect it. Am I wrong?
In the race to get a job in an MNC people have using english or atleast trying to do so. It’s right from that point of view, but now people have started writing Hindi using the English alphabets. Is this justified or is the language getting its due respect? People, especially students are in this habit. They do not respect the nation or their national language for that matter.
Lately, I understood the importance of Hindi in our country. Figure this out. A majority of the national population does not know English. In fact the most common language of the country is Hindi. Most of the Indian companies want to get an international status, few of them have succeeded also but in that quest they have left their home country behind. They do not care about the upliftment of the society. They want to make India a technological hub of the world. But is that possible without the common man understanding that technology. The common man, who does not understand English. So to make them understand the technology, we need to understand them that in the language which they understand i.e. their native language. Now can anybody have any other solution that makes India a technical hub of the world without using Hindi?
My personal experience says that the present youth understands English better than Hindi. Is that correct? If we do not understand then how can we make others understand? We need to take some serious steps in this field. Let the farmers know what will the weather be like today and in the next few days. Let them understand the power of internet and make them understand the real might of the technology and the muscle of India.
Examples of such countries are Japan(the present technology hub of the world), China, Russia and many others, where people do not speak English and always converse in their native language irrespective of the person’s origin they are talking to. Can’t we learn from them??
So its a request to all my readers, to something for the nation and do something that makes you proud of. ?? ????? !!!


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  1. Hindi is in the heart and soul of our country buddy and Sooner this will be realised by d ppl

    Comment by Rocky — November 18, 2006 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

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