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December 24, 2006

Wow ! Did God or the UPTU VC read my post?

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In my very last post I wrote about some things which I didn’t like about the univ. Though I never liked the way the question papers were set but I never said because even I pass because of those easy papers, but the PPl question paper not only surprised me but infact rocked. Yes it was just perfect what a engineer should be asked in the exam.
The paper was such that we had to apply our brains to the maximum and moreover to write to something in it we needed to know the concepts, which aren’t learnt in one day study which most of us do. Yes, even I did not fare well but I was not at all dejected at my performance. The paper truly said, if you dont study then you have no rights to pass. Maybe this will make me study next time. Huh.
The next thing I’d like to say what happened as a consequence of the question paper was that the BBD faculty was so amazed at the paper that they understood that the students won’t be able to do this paper well. They started helping students, answered questions, allowed cheating and in a friend’s room they even said to attempt full 100 marks paper and leave the rest to UPTU to pass. Well I think that was the best they could say at that moment, but on the contrary this showed that they knew the condition of the UPTU students and knew what and the way they teach is insufficient was not enough to appear in such type of paper. That is bad from a teachers’ perspective. Hey I forgot to mention the most funny moment of the day. Two of them infact. Students who mug up everything, as I said in my last post, had great reactions on taking a first glance at the paper. While one of them said he knew nothing in the paper, a student getting a consistent 70+%, another “rattutota” said the paper is entirely out of course and said it that loud that I heard in the next room sitting. This is what I never expected from my class to be engineers. But it only opened my eyes further that what is the expent of mugging. Khair me not here to discuss them. The conclusion is that if UPTU continues setting its question papers in this way, we might be seeing engineers in a few years from now. Cheers.


December 21, 2006

Asia’s largest technical university, does not produce Engineers actually

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The topic might seem strange but it is a hard core fact. Yes, UPTU (Uttar Pradesh Technical University) is Asia’a largest technical university and the irony for me in this piece of information is that I don’t find it producing engineers. (This is completely a personal opinion.) Well, the question is why do I say this ??
Lets start from the very basic. Each year around 50,000 engineers graduate from this university through various colleges. If I make a survey I know that not more than 10% will be knowing the meaning of an engineer. To be very true even I didn’t know. And to put up some definition here I had to turn upto wikipedia to find out who an engineer is. This is what it said :” Engineers use creativity, technology, and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.” To go into the detail you can see this.
I will use just the basic first line. Engineer uses CREATIVITY, TECHNOLOGY and SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE . Wonder how many of those graduating each year use that.
Infact the format of the university is such that students actually don’t need to learn those skills at all to become an engineer. The curriculum says to pass in atleast 6 subjects out of 10 (passing marks being only 30%) in the end semester exams. Those are counted as external marks which comprise of only a meagre 50% of the total marks. I have some interesting data up my sleeve.
Figure this first point out now, a private institution topper scores 499 out of 500 in the internal exams but only 325 out of the external 500. The second topper gets 498 internal and 290 external. Isn’t that strange. A student who knows almost 100 % when appearing in the internal exams knows only 65% of the external exam paper, the second one getting not even 60%. I fail to get an answer or I should say I won’t say it here. Result : 80% marks allover.
Figure this second point out. A student rarely attends classes in the college. Sometimes passes in the internal exams, gets average internal marks and manages to score 50% in the external exams. Result : 65-70% marks allover.
The third point now. A student never attends classes, never or rarely passes in the internal exams, manages to pass in the external examination and keeps passing for the year and goes through his B.Tech in the same manner. Result : 50 to 60 % marks allover.
What came to me after studying all these cases was that you do need to require any technical knowledge in order to top, pass or scrap through your B.Tech process. At the end of four years all three guyz have almost nill knowledge and have scored varying marks. For the outside world, the topper was the best kid and no prizes for guessing who the worst guy was.
The only thing I understood was that barring 5-10% of the students rest all are either pursuing a course where you need to have no knowledge of your subject. Infact mugging up is sufficent or I should say more than enough for any student to land in any of the three candidates listed above’s place. The amount of mugging skills you have, is the amount of external marks you get. For internals there are various criterion which I cannot or rather should not say here.
No, I dont say that its the fault of a single person. The students are responsible for it no doubt but the main culprit is the university and the pattern which it follows. Most students have made it a habit to open their books a week before the exams or maybe even later and then scrap through the exams. And why should they study, if no one cares what they know. Infosys, the dream job for many people here in the UPTU, asks not a single technical question in its written test or even the interview. So why should I waste time in studying?? And once you have a job in your hand, who cares how did you complete your B.Tech or what subjects you studied. So thats another reason for what I have been discussing.
All in all there are many reasons why students have no knowledge or no skills that an engineer should have as compared to students from other reputed institutes (keeping in mind that at other places too I don’t count the entire crowd, but still a mojority).
Its time we should raise the matter with the university people to do something about this, change the curriculum and change the way marks are secured in the unversity. Or on the other hand do nothing and just keep on producing labourers from the university who do not know what they have or should be doing other than following the orders of others. And the greatest part is that they have an engineer title placed on their empty heads which only raises their matrimony value.
I dont know if I have gone in some worng direction at some places but the essence of the topic must have been achieved.

December 12, 2006

First seminar successful

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Finally I find some time to write this. Had planned a bigger article but just couldn’t dig out time to do so. The first seminar on localization completed in great fashion. Many renonwed people were there at our college and it was great to see such a gathering in a college which is not known by many people. The seminar was a first of its kind in the entire country. There was much to know and even more to learn. Feel pity for those who despite being there in our college could get nothing from it.
Actually I am too bored to write about it now so going off. Bye

December 7, 2006

Its your Life, Make it Large

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Last night an old friend of mine came to meet me. He is also doing B.Tech from the UPTU University. For a change, we were discussing our future plans and he, just as any other guy said, “I will go for an MBA”. When my turn came, I said “I do not know “, much to his and may be your surprise.

I joined RKGIT in 2004 in the Computer Science department. At that moment even I had the same plans, start my preparations from the second year itself, crack the CAT in the final year. Then obviously join an IIM and come out with flying colors with a big, fat package which, would help me make rest of my life luxurious. As time has progressed so have my thoughts. Now, my heart or my mind, for that matter, does not allow me go for the MBA or M. Tech or an MS. It says only to “Be Different”.

India’s population is increasing each second and in equal proportion are increasing the number of engineers that are passing out. The IT field has boomed like anything and this boom is going to last for many more years. Everyone is getting jobs and once that is done they think they are through and settled. I know most of you might be thinking “YES” that’s what I have come here for! But in the real sense, ask yourself, “Is that what you came on earth for? Is the job you are getting, or going to get in near future, your aim in life? Or Getting through CAT or GATE and securing a 10 or 20 lac package your sole aim in life? Maybe some of you might be thinking to the US or the UK and then minting money there?” Well, some or maybe most of you might be answering in “yes”. But is that the goal of your life? My answer is a definite NO. That’s not what you are destined for.

If you have answers for the previous questions then let me put up the next question, “Why would or maybe should God waste time in creating lacs of similar human beings and that too in the single country forget about other countries ? Is He a fool? “I am sure He isn’t.

He sends all of us on earth with some mission to accomplish and mind it, that mission is unique for everyone. He sends us messages, many times in our life, to make us remember that mission. It’s only a matter of time when we read His sms.

This uniqueness of yours which I am talking about can be found by your own self. Yes, everyone of us is different in someway or the other. It’s only a matter of time when we discover our hidden talent and perform to our capabilities and find our true potential. Some one is good at art, other at music, a third one technically and the fourth at administration. Who knows you might be the next Bill Gates or Shiv Khera or Mr. A.P.J.Kalam for that matter. It’s only a question of time. All you have to do is to keep searching for the uniqueness that makes your personality, the personality which will make your identity.

I have read his message and I want all of you, through this piece of text, get His memo. Try to do something unique, something new, something innovative, something that will make you happy from the inside. After all you don’t want to read this message when you are 80 odd years old.

It’s totally up to you, what you want to do in life. Get lost in the crowd or make your mark. “It’s your wish, you can be forgotten or you remembered as one of those noble few who MADE IT”. You decide what you want to be and let not others decide your fate. Try to rule the world and not get ruled by others. My advice to all of you is to start following your dreams an forget about the rest. Just try to be distinguishable and think or more importantly DO something that makes you and your well wishers proud of.

I guess you must have got the essence of my talks. After all “It’s your life, so why not make it large??? “

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