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December 24, 2006

Wow ! Did God or the UPTU VC read my post?

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In my very last post I wrote about some things which I didn’t like about the univ. Though I never liked the way the question papers were set but I never said because even I pass because of those easy papers, but the PPl question paper not only surprised me but infact rocked. Yes it was just perfect what a engineer should be asked in the exam.
The paper was such that we had to apply our brains to the maximum and moreover to write to something in it we needed to know the concepts, which aren’t learnt in one day study which most of us do. Yes, even I did not fare well but I was not at all dejected at my performance. The paper truly said, if you dont study then you have no rights to pass. Maybe this will make me study next time. Huh.
The next thing I’d like to say what happened as a consequence of the question paper was that the BBD faculty was so amazed at the paper that they understood that the students won’t be able to do this paper well. They started helping students, answered questions, allowed cheating and in a friend’s room they even said to attempt full 100 marks paper and leave the rest to UPTU to pass. Well I think that was the best they could say at that moment, but on the contrary this showed that they knew the condition of the UPTU students and knew what and the way they teach is insufficient was not enough to appear in such type of paper. That is bad from a teachers’ perspective. Hey I forgot to mention the most funny moment of the day. Two of them infact. Students who mug up everything, as I said in my last post, had great reactions on taking a first glance at the paper. While one of them said he knew nothing in the paper, a student getting a consistent 70+%, another “rattutota” said the paper is entirely out of course and said it that loud that I heard in the next room sitting. This is what I never expected from my class to be engineers. But it only opened my eyes further that what is the expent of mugging. Khair me not here to discuss them. The conclusion is that if UPTU continues setting its question papers in this way, we might be seeing engineers in a few years from now. Cheers.


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