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January 27, 2007

60 years of freedom or 100 more years of Slavery?

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Last night it was the 26th of January, the Indian Republic Day. Its a national holiday and as far as I knew, no company, school, office, college or any other institution or organisation (profit or non profit) in the country works on this day. But my thoughts have changed because of what happened yesterday. I was having an online chat with one of my friends and was shocked to know that he was in office at 10 pm. I straightaway popped the question “Why are you working today?”
If the shock prompted me to ask the question, his answer made me feel dejected. He said,”I am a foreign worker”.
As India enters its 58th year of republic and is just 6 months away from 60 years of freedom my question remains “Are we really an independent country?” The British might have left the country 60 years ago and India got its first president in 1950 but the people are still under slavery.
Every individual in this country is independent but do they feel so?
His answer suggested to me that most of us are still not free. They are under the slavery of the countries which get their work done through Indian Labourers. Had they been free they would be working as they wish and celebrating our festivals and not of other countries. The IT industry is booming and will continue to boom but with these foreign companies rising their presence in India, the youth is going where the money is and thus going in for slavery of those nations.
The young generation today is trying to learn foreign languages, be it English, French or German but do they know their national language? They say it’s necessary for the development of the nation? Didn’t the Japanese or the Russian or Chinese or any other nation develop without learning or adopting any foreign language. Those who have been to these countries had great problems in communicating, not because they didn’t know their language but because no one was willing to speak English, even though they knew it. Why don’t we take a lesson from them? Who is to be blamed for this? Sam Pitroda says english should be taught from class 1 itself and what about Hindi Mr.Sam?
Is science a slave of the language? Will its understanding be affected if we study it in Hindi?
Microsoft is working in institutes to make a compiler in Bhojpuri! How many of us know that? The biggest software firm of the world is making softwares in our languages and we are running after foreign languages. If more than 50% of the nation does not know the English language then whats the use of making developments in English? How will the common man know the technology? India produces lakhs of engineers every year. Instead of giving employment to the nation they are running after foreign languages, foreign companies to absorb them. The other nations are not ruling us but we are running to be their slaves. When will this end?
I have put up a hundred questions but who will answer them I don’t know. Well, I don’t care who answers them, all I wish is that they should be answered as soon as possible so that we don’t remain slaves but become masters instead.


January 26, 2007

Do i know the real India?

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Today is 26th of January ’07, the 58th year of republic. Its been some time that I have been thinking about the nation, meaning I have become patriotic a bit. The India Poised campaign by the TOI seems so catch my attention everytime and makes me feel interested. I downloaded the videos and even sent them to many friends and have even been reading articles ever since the campaign was launched. Really good articles if you are interested.
Its been some days that we have been working almost the entire day for the fest preparations and yesterday I realized that apart from getting experience of working with the faculty and management there are a couple more completely different things that I have realized. Though both have no relation between them but both are a result of spending time with Pandey sir.
Sometime ago I had written an article on him what I write today is also because of him. The two things I was talking about have a deep significance. First thing is that I have started getting a feeling that I do not know India. I dont know the culture, the people and many things about our country that we should know. I have no knowledge of the different tribes in India, their culture and everything about them. Earlier when I went to sir with Gurpreet, Dhiraj or Gaurav sir and he talked of the villages and other rural people I was never ashamed of myself but now when I go with Shashank and he starts the same talks, Shashank gets involved in talks with him and I am a mere spectator or a good listener only. It has been getting in my mind that I don’t my own nation!! Is that my fault? A bit yes and a bit no. No, because I have never been to villages or had any family connection with them. Yes, because I feel I was never even interested in listening to people who have been from such places. Anyways whatever has happened is past but I wish to learn all about India from now, rural or urban. Hope I succeed..
The other thing I felt is that staying in a place like RKGIT has made me feel complacent about myself. I feel that I am doing enough!!! But whenever I meet Pandey sir I always feel there’s so much to do. So much to learn, so much to study, so much to explore and last but the most important what have I been for myself? I have many plans when I have money but am I doing anything that will make my resources so strong that I face no hurdles while executing my plans?? At present my answer is no but the thought is getting into me and sooner or later I have to start. As is said “well begun is half done” and “It’s good to start early”. Hope I succeed in that too. Amen!

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