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April 25, 2007

An awesome experience

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Last weekend I had been to the Akshardham Temple in Delhi. The experience was totally marvellous. I had mad a visit there previously too and appreciated the carvings and the immaculous effort the workers had put in but what I saw this time was much more than I could have ever imagined. Being a sort of tech guy I was most inspired by the amount of technology they have used in the exhibition. Awesome seems to be a small word for it. The statues were so realistic already but when I saw that they had their eyes blinking my head went round and round. The people there have even used robotics and the short skits are no katputli show but seems like real kids being present there.
Other thing that shook my head was the amount of knowledge they gave about India’s past. Although one can very easily say that a temple does need to do all this but when you will see it for yourself then ……. Also impressive was the way we took that journey of India’s past. Going through India’s history and getting to know what the common people don’t know and in that fashion, I think was no doubt the best India has uptil now. Gaining knowledge in a short span of 15 minutes that too while in a boat was the best way to explain. We sat inside and an audio clip was played, which has been timed perfectly to the surroundings as the boat moves. The surroundings have all been made of sculptures and all look so real that you can’t stop admiring the things.
Though there was much more to gain information from including a movie which spanned more than half an hour but that could not keep me awake so no points to that.
Well, though the temple does not require any tickets etc, the show needs 125 rupees to be shelled out from the pockets, but definitely worth it.
The carvings etc was too good and when I came to know that it took five long years to construct the temple then I can easily believe that. The only thing I can’t imagine is the amount of money they have put in….can’t even dream of it.
All in all a magnificent experience and a must go place even if you don’t go to temples like me.


April 23, 2007

FInally me true !

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Its been quite a long time and I cant even figure out what class I was in. Maybe in class 5 or 6 i.e. 1995 or 96 I guess. I used to go in a shared tempo (with all school people) to school in Kanpur. I was highly obssessed with cricket at that time and we used to talk a lot anout cricket during our return journey to home and today when I saw the neewspaper I suddenly recall that day I am talking about.
We had a harcore Saching Tendulkar fan between us. She was 2 years senior to me and was listening to our talks, the usual cricket stuff. I made a statement that day which put me into a debate that day with my senior. ” Sachin might be out of the team one day”, I said. And to this she got into a slight argument that this could never happen until he retires himself. In answer to her I only remember one sentence of mine, ” You can never predict the future, and this might be true one day, then we’ll talk.”
As India made an early exit from the World Cup Sachin’s call for retirement was made not by him but by the people of India. And though he hadn’t expressed any such feelings, the team for the Bangladesh tour made, my statement(though quite old) is a true statement today. I don’t know where my dear senior is today but I all can say is that the answer which I gave to her is what the wold is today,”You can never predict the future”. Message delivered !

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