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April 23, 2007

FInally me true !

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Its been quite a long time and I cant even figure out what class I was in. Maybe in class 5 or 6 i.e. 1995 or 96 I guess. I used to go in a shared tempo (with all school people) to school in Kanpur. I was highly obssessed with cricket at that time and we used to talk a lot anout cricket during our return journey to home and today when I saw the neewspaper I suddenly recall that day I am talking about.
We had a harcore Saching Tendulkar fan between us. She was 2 years senior to me and was listening to our talks, the usual cricket stuff. I made a statement that day which put me into a debate that day with my senior. ” Sachin might be out of the team one day”, I said. And to this she got into a slight argument that this could never happen until he retires himself. In answer to her I only remember one sentence of mine, ” You can never predict the future, and this might be true one day, then we’ll talk.”
As India made an early exit from the World Cup Sachin’s call for retirement was made not by him but by the people of India. And though he hadn’t expressed any such feelings, the team for the Bangladesh tour made, my statement(though quite old) is a true statement today. I don’t know where my dear senior is today but I all can say is that the answer which I gave to her is what the wold is today,”You can never predict the future”. Message delivered !


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