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May 5, 2007

We always have a choice !

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Yesterday we went to watch Spiderman-3, the most awaited movie of this year I guess, atleast for me if not for others. After a great Spidey2 experience I just couldn’t wait for the next in the series. A year and a half ago I guess was when the prequel was released.
Last time the special effects had been colossal and this time they were expected to be much better. This thought was more than enough that propelled my thought of watching it first day on the really big screen….at the IMAX theatre. Though we had to shell out a few extra bucks than we usually do but the money was worth the experience.
The fights were much more larger than life, specially the first one between Goblin and Spidey….boy it was terrific I should say. Then the next best scene in my view was when Sandman rose for the first time, the way the sand moved was I should say the best ever animation I have ever seen. It looked umimaginely realistic. Infact the most of the scenes invoving sandman were far too good. It must have taken a hell lot of time for producing such sequences… the transformation from sandman to a human and vice versa. Terrific I can say.
Well that was all the techie stuff I saw in the movie, what the movie had more was the EQ. A guess it was too much as far as an action-superhero kinda movie is concerned. Even King Kong had an emotional ending and now this one. Definitely the episodes containng the appreciation of spiderman as the hero of the town had generated feelings from within but the romantic sequences hardly stretched a muscle in your body. Yeah a few comedy shots were put in to move your cheek bones but a couple of them even had been a disaster in terms of timing.
All in all a good movie to watch, thugh one might not enjoy it on the small screen and definitely not if you watch the hindi dubbed version, people who’ve made that mistake already, I really feel sorry for them. I’ve even heard this part had a much higher budget than the prequels but this looses out in terms of movie experience. No doubt spidey2 was much better. It seems that its only the second part that gains the best success, be it Matrix, MI:2, or this movie.
One last thing that I would like to share is that I’ve always felt every movie teaches you a lesson and thats what even this movie did. Yes somehow I managed to find that too. I won’t describe that how when and what about that, but leave it for you to explore, htink and most importantly impement in your own lives. It says in one line of Peter Parker… ” WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE “.


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