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June 26, 2007

Its not in the hard drive honey!!!

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Its time to start taking things seriously. Ever since I started using Linux I have been free from the tension of virus’ . I don’t know whether it was a boon or a bane. But today I have realized one thing and that’s whether there exist virus or not, you should always keep a backup of your data.
Its been sometime when I was thinking that I will burn a dvd of my software and upload all my photos on my flickr account but as always been lazy with that and as a result of which today I stand helpless after erasing my 80gb of data and having the other 40gb in an infected hard disk which I don’t know whether I will be able to save or not.

Anyways people always learn from their mistakes and that’s I am doing it now. Making a restore point in my Winduhs XP and as well as keeping a backup of my software though on a cd only.
The other thing I’ve learnt is not to praise Microsoft again. A day before Dhiraj asked me which OS are you using and I replied emphatically “ East or west windows is the best.” And the next day itself my system crashed…………can you believe it. First time ever in a two years time my system crashed. Huh. All my collection gone in a second, even making a backup on a friend’s hard disk could not save it. Now people need to search a different system for a song’s collection to be played on a party. People need to settle for ….. life without an ftp server and download the software from the net and cant even remember what all. Seems like a new day has come and I will have to start all over again once I reach hostel back

Hope friends will help me out when I reach there……that’s life.
In the end lesson for the day is “ start taking things seriously and never say that line again……. Its all in the hard drive “.


Should there be a uniform education board?

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Education for all is what our government plans and that’s what our president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam dreams of. All Indians are equal and “No discrimination shall be made on the basis of caste, creed, colour and sex”. This is what Indian constitution states. Well if we combine the above two statements then it means that if all the individuals should be educated then the education should be the same for all of them. And if this is to be followed then there should be a governing body which takes care of this. That means that yes there should be a uniform education board which should take care of the education system in the entire country.

Up to the school level we have different boards like the I.C.S.E./I.S.C. C.B.S.E. and State boards. Students study in various boards and though they study almost the same course, yet two equipotent students may get different marks when the board result comes up. At that point of time no one notices this but sometime later when the student joins a college and the class XII percentages come into consideration, especially for admission, then no one cares for the board. A very common example of this is when a placement drive is conducted by some company in a college and there is a minimum cutoff percentage which includes marks secured in the boards as well. Its then when a lot of state board students suffer because of securing fewer marks as compared to the CBSE or ICSE students. Who is to be blamed for the loss of the students? The board boasts that it is difficult to score in their exam but the bottom line is that in the long run it’s the students who suffer.

If a uniform board is set up which handles all the educational activities in the entire country then this problem can be eradicated. This problem is even there at the college level. Though the internal matters of a college or university may not be touched but the examination can certainly be taken care of so that the similar condition of the percentage does not creep up when admission for further studies comes up.

A uniform board can also help in increasing the interaction between the students and hence set a platform where knowledge sharing becomes easy. The board can organize separate activities and competitions for schools and colleges in which all institutes may participate thus setting a stage for students round the country to interact and perform. Common interactive websites and forums can help students in getting information regarding various activities that the board may conduct and getting news about new developments (both technical and non technical) taking place in and outside the country.

So, summing it all we can say that a uniform education board will definitely be a fruitful option, raising standards of the students, the institutes’ and the level of education, information and awareness in the country.

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