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June 26, 2007

Its not in the hard drive honey!!!

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Its time to start taking things seriously. Ever since I started using Linux I have been free from the tension of virus’ . I don’t know whether it was a boon or a bane. But today I have realized one thing and that’s whether there exist virus or not, you should always keep a backup of your data.
Its been sometime when I was thinking that I will burn a dvd of my software and upload all my photos on my flickr account but as always been lazy with that and as a result of which today I stand helpless after erasing my 80gb of data and having the other 40gb in an infected hard disk which I don’t know whether I will be able to save or not.

Anyways people always learn from their mistakes and that’s I am doing it now. Making a restore point in my Winduhs XP and as well as keeping a backup of my software though on a cd only.
The other thing I’ve learnt is not to praise Microsoft again. A day before Dhiraj asked me which OS are you using and I replied emphatically “ East or west windows is the best.” And the next day itself my system crashed…………can you believe it. First time ever in a two years time my system crashed. Huh. All my collection gone in a second, even making a backup on a friend’s hard disk could not save it. Now people need to search a different system for a song’s collection to be played on a party. People need to settle for ….. life without an ftp server and download the software from the net and cant even remember what all. Seems like a new day has come and I will have to start all over again once I reach hostel back

Hope friends will help me out when I reach there……that’s life.
In the end lesson for the day is “ start taking things seriously and never say that line again……. Its all in the hard drive “.


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