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July 4, 2007

Kanpur, A Driver’s Paradise !

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Before I joined college once my uncle came to India. I drove him a short distance, I guess a couple of kilometers only and as soon as we reached home he muttered ” Kanpur me jo drive karle wo puri duniya me kahi bhi kar sakta hai” (whoever can drive in kanpur can drive anywhere in the world). Then I didn’t understand the value of his words primarily because I hadn’t driven anywhere else. But ever since I have come from Ghaziabad its been like he was absolutely correct. The traffic here is like ….. need to search the dictionary for some good words.

I don’t feel like taking the car anymore. It’s like you take the same amount of time to travel as you are travelling in a cycle rickshaw. And on top of it the biggest thing in my mind is that the car doesn’t get any new dent, because I always get a scolding from mom that I drive fast, my only saving point is that I have never met with an accident (touch-wood as they say).
Once you get on the road, it seems like there is a race going on between unequal vehicles, a car competing a rickshaw, a cycle competing a car, a truck competing a scooter and don’t forget the bikes and the shared tempos, well actually they have no competition at all as they think they are the fastest. Often I hear my father say, ” Bike par baith kar to log sochte hain jaise rocke par savaar hain“,(people riding a bike think that they are in a rocket). Haha, well actually thats true to the core. That has been the reason that he’s never bought me a bike. Though not all drivers are the same but he believes what he sees.

Anyways that’s not what I was complaining about. The point is the traffic in this part of the state has gone so awry that now I fear driving hear. As it is my temper is too short and my lack of patience doesn’t lemme drive slow.
Well not much to describe about the traffic in this post, will soon be writing a description of my of my pathetic drives around the city…keep looking this place to take a ride around the kanpur city.

The moral of the story, as my Chacha said, ” Jo Kanpur me drive kar lega wo duniya me kahi bhi kar lega.”



  1. Sahi keh rahe ho Sahai Yaar….U.P really knows no rules on roads…..The case is even worse in Lucknow..U wud feel like exchanging your car for a bicycle if u go from Kaiserbagh Bus Station to Charbagh Railway station..Its like the Derby race for Cars..
    Moreover,with the TATA Co. soon launching “JANTA CAR” priced at Rs. 1 Lacs only ,the roads are going to be flooded with cars..

    Comment by Tarun.Reflex — July 9, 2007 @ 7:22 am | Reply

  2. yeah…u r rite tiku…..i guess we shud think of some betr ways of transport now….else we will keep complaining but that will b of no use

    Comment by ????? ???? — July 9, 2007 @ 11:10 am | Reply

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