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July 14, 2007

A 2 day star or a real hero ??

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Ever since we’ve heard that nasal “oooo……”, the famous track from the movie Ashiq Banaya Aapne there’s been no looking back for the man with the cap, Himesh Reshamiya. The immaculate success and his immense popularity has prompted me to write about him and start a sort of debate. Debate because I started to compare him with some of the other well known singers.
I was wondering how many people know Sonu Nigam or that he acted in a film? Yes and that bombed at the box office like anything. He did not dare to act again on screen. He even tried to be a pop singer, hip hop kind but didn’t succeed in that either. His songs became famous especially the Deewana tracks but that fame died out. He got a few songs but as time passed on the quality of songs he has got has just gone down. Now no one knows recognizes that “this” song has been sung by sonu.
On the contrary, everyone recognizes Himesh’s songs. Everywhere you can hear his songs, be it a passing car, a DJ party or a stationed house, he’s everywhere. The latest testimony of the fact that he’s a star is the phenomenal success of his movie. Its been declared a smash hit and box office collections have proved that it actually is a hit. What more to say, I wen to watch awarapan last sunday, I must say I wasn’t surprised to see that forget awarapan, no tickets were available for the Himesh movie. Though everyone criticized his acting skills but the movie has done awesome business. Most of the people criticize him, saying he’s a nasal singer but in the end it his him whom people listen to. So in the end its him as the winner. He has more fans anywhere in the country than anybody else, so isn’t he the next star ?
I don’t know how many are his critics but his fan following is awesome. I don’t say I am a big fan of his but I don’t deny that I like most of the songs sung by him. Great tracks and yes namastey london are my favourite. A star is born but let’s see if he survives or fades in the dark like sonu nigam or abhijit sawant did …. Its time to say wait and watch….



  1. hmm…i agree..even m nt a gr8 fan f his yea..i do admire him..
    he converted his grievience into his success…n dat only few ppl on earth cn do…!!! but yaar tune to sonu ko bilkul naukar hi bana dia..hezzz nt dat bad dear..:)

    Comment by jst4u — July 18, 2007 @ 6:47 pm | Reply

  2. hey nvr said dat sonu’s bad
    but his recent performances say something else
    but han in d end
    form is temporary, class is temperament….thats what i cn say

    Comment by ????? ???? — July 27, 2007 @ 1:23 pm | Reply

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