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August 2, 2007

Do you wanna partner ??….Yes, I do want..

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Well a David Dhawan movie after such a long time with his favourite Govinda and Salman meant it all the way that the film would be worth a watch atleast. And thats what iy proved to be. Though never had I thought that I would be shelling out and hundred and twenty bucks for a Govinda movie but I thought the other way round of doing it for the other two or infact 4 I should say, that includes David, Salman and the two beautiful ladies who have looked even more marvellous than ever before. Well after seeing Katrina in Namastey London I had thought that she can’t look better than this, and yes she hasn’t looked better but yes she’s no less also. As far as the other lady is concerned I must say if anyone missed the Miss Universe paegent when she won then you have another chance of doing so. Yes Lara has looked as gorgeous as she looked at the title night. The best thing about her was that if she looked damn sexy in the western clothes then she looked a perfect dreamwife in the Indian outfits. I had always been admiring her beauty especially in the Indian clothes but recently day after day it seems she’s grown even more amazing.
Well before I start sailing in her praise I must admit the movie is full of nonsense comedy, a thing which we’ve missed from some time now. It’s for us to put our mind away and stop thinking and just laugh for a little over two hour movie. Though Govinda, as usual, has over-reacted in most scenes but I guess that’s what he does best and so no complains about it. Salman is busy showing of his well toned body, probably he’s done some extra exercises for this one but he manages to carry it of very well on his spanky cars and the bikes too. And one thing more one could note in him was his much improved dance, though he’s thanked Govinda for it but yes it seems Salman has got away with those lazy dances and performed his steps very well. Rajpal Yadav, true to expectations, has done some idiotic stuff and well supported by the background music as well. I you remember the Fanaa kid, then there’s news that he’s done a cute job once again, helping both the men get their or as they said, “My love”.
Getting back to ladies, since Bollywood includes them for the song and dance numbers most of the time, Katrina’s been there for that only. Lara has been asked to show some of her acting skills, which ofcourse she’s done to perfection. Don’t forget to take a look at her expressions especially.
I think actions speek louder than words so its better to watch the movie for yourself rather than wasting your time reading this. Go, find your partner !!!



  1. i cud get jst 1 line f ur post..n dats..the movie z ful of nonsense comedy..!! 🙂
    i got tired of number f songs..aah..hard to bear!!
    yaar..herez a suggestn..y dnt u try in media..u really giv exelnt movie reviews..n cn make ppl watch these stupid comic movies..haha..!! go ahead……………………….

    Comment by jst4u — August 2, 2007 @ 7:49 pm | Reply

  2. is dat a compliment or a sarcastic comment ??

    Comment by ????? ???? — August 13, 2007 @ 11:51 am | Reply

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