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August 14, 2007

Beautiful direction can overcome a weak storyline

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Before even entering the theater I knew what would I be feeling at the end of the movie and what would my friends be thinking. Quite obviously I was fascinated by the movie while my friends, barring one, were shouting like anything.That was primarily because of the pace of the movie rather than the movie as a whole.
Gandhi, My Father is a film showing the other side of Gandhi and thus endorsing the fact in which the gen-next believes, Gandhi was not a “mahatma”.
The film is a great portrait of a fairly weak storyline which shows Gandhi’s eldest son, Harilal, quite a foolish person who always got washed away in the people’s rain and ended up making up his life a total failure and in the process losing his wife and kids to poverty.
Though the story has nothing much to be told about, the film deserves much applause for the way it has depicted the Gandhian period. The actors, especially the Gandhi husband and wife have throughout managed to look the age they are actually depicting, right from age 20 to the same number deducted from 100. I must mention the make up artistes have done a remarkably wonderful job. Full marks to them for making people look like they should be. While Anil Kapoor makes a significant debut in the film as a director, I would say it would be better if he’d continue as a director only in the industry.


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