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November 18, 2007

Is this the end of an era ???

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Yesterday I returned from home after the diwali break and while I was getting ready to attend the first lecture(a deed which I hadn’t done in the past 2 years), I got this shocking news, “Pandey Sir has resigned from R.K.G.I.T.!” The first thought that flashed my mind was that “Oh God, now how will we continue to work for the college!”. By then I hadn’t realized that he was our mentor for the final year project and where would we land up now.

Pandey Sir has been as good an asset to the college as to us. He’s been the force on his whole, truly a one man army. Jagriti’07 was a success, all because of him. It’s like, students can have only the ideas but if someone had to support them and actually implement him, it had to be him. It was due to his persistent efforts only that students had started loving the college. Students of my batch had their opinions transformed and now believed that they hadn’t made a wrong choice 3 years ago. I haven’t seen a person as talented as him in my life. His knowledge was not restricted to any sphere, be it computers, electronics, electrical, mechanical or human psychology. He understood each and every person. He knew what to talk to a person and what would someone dislike. No one could ever return unhappy after meeting him. All of these qualities and many more which I cannot elaborate here made him the favourite among students. I have not seen any person, faculty, hod or student being as popular as he was. Most of the students (who’ve been involved in college activities) know him, irrespective of branch. He supported one to all. His love for work can be understood by the fact that the day he joined IPEC as assistant director, he set up a Robotics and an Language technology lab in the college. He loves to work and everyone loves to work with him. His place cannot be taken by anyone else.

When I heard about his resignation, I was upset. But as days have passed the feeling of being upset has changed to that of FEAR. This is since I saw others also talking the same. Amit Prakash(EN) (Robotics Lead) questioning the future of his club. Vaibhav(EC) putting a question mark over his research on CAN, Dhiraj (CS) rethinking of continuing the workshops, Rahul(ME) talking about the future of further development in the college and I-Abhinav, questioning myself WILL I CONTINUE TO WORK LIKE I DID? Everybody is shocked as well as ………………………… I just can’t elaborate it.

When I asked him why he was quitting, all he had to say was the same answer which L.N.Paliwal sir did when he quit, “If you don’t allow me freedom to work why should I stay?” Money has never been the issue and it will never be for these people. They need space and this college, unfortunately for us, doesn’t allow. Getting an approval for a petty thing will become a mammoth task and with everybody knowing the present state of the college, with the present set of …………’s doing all the management stuff, I can’t see a happy farewell for the final year students.

I just wish my batch-mates and juniors prove me wrong and show that the college will continue to head like it was heading in the last six months. Otherwise all I would say is that “This is going to be the end of the golden era of RKGIT” .


November 4, 2007

Wow ! As simple as that …

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Sessionals from tomorrow. Well for almost everyone in the college it means study time. But some crazy people like me and Honey in the college, it simply indicates that its time to switch to maximum downloading and best time to finishing up your pending tasks. Often the speed goes up to 300 kbps, a rare sight otherwise.

Well this time I took it to do something which, before doing it actually, I regarded as a herculean task. As soon I asked Honey about it, he responded and I was able to import my blogger account in a flash. This, thought to be magnanimous task, actually didn’t take more than 5 minutes. Seems great isn’t it ??

What this means is that I can return to blogging again, as blogspot was not accessible in the college campus, which holds the majority of my readers. All I wish to say is: Happy blogging Sahai !

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