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December 21, 2007

College Internet : A Boon or a Bane ?

Filed under: Thought Provoking — Abhinav Sahai @ 6:48 pm

When I was in second year, a cousin asked me what are the plus points in staying in your college hostel. I named many of them with the primary being the “net” facility. He said how is that useful ? You must be spending time chatting throughout ! I was surprised by his reaction then, but, two years from then, I understand what made him say that. Forget chatting, the students in college do all sorts of things to kill time which someday or the other in their life they are going to regret.

Ever since Orkut came into existence, as soon as the clocked ticks 5, I can see the same blue screen on each and every computer system. In second year, even I was addicted to it, but as time moved on I understood what I was doing. I started using the busy tag in gtalk which reduced chatting and as of now I don’t even like logging into messengers to keep away unwanted people wasting my time. And of course how can I forget mentioning…..I don’t log into orkut for even 10 continuous days, no question of everyday.

The other thing that hurts me is the amount of movie downloading done in the campus. One may argue that this is what is done even in the IIT’s. Everyone feels proud in saying that but the question is do they do it on a 2 mbps line ??? All bandwidth by the downloaders and then they claim, “Abe yar hostel me net ki speed bahut ghatiya hai !”


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