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April 30, 2008

Getting that feeling now, Last days approaching !

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Honey, Hitesh, Afaq, Ashish…..all are looking for white shirts, some one wants tie, other wants formal shoes. All getting ready for the official gathering of the EC Department where they will be bid farewell. Yeah time has come finally, and the buzz is around the hostel is not because of the exams approaching but that of the limited days we are in the campus. The EN department has already had their get-together and with the EC people having it right now, the buzz is getting stronger.

The feeling which was missing since all these days is alightly taking the place. No doubt, though everybody may say otherwise but all of us have got this feeling atleast once in our minds that our days our numbered, 30 to be precise. 

Seeing honey wearing the tie someone shouted “are you fromfirst year ?” Yeah it was when we initially came to college that we wore the tie and now in presentations and/or today seen in that maroon coloured tie with the college logo embossed on it.  It seems like it was just yesterday when we came here, I know it’s an old dialogue but if we think for a moment somewhere down the line it has that feeling.  There will be an extended photo session, some group photos, some couples and some others as well. I know today they won’t be emotional perhaps because of the official thing and then not all of us being there.  But this is the starting of the possibly the most difficult month in college, especially if you are popular or have made some really good friends. Everytime a junior tells us the no of days left, I get a feeling how bad our seniors would have felt when we did the same to them. Its good that we haven’t got emotional uptil now and with the company in which I reside feel better that though all of them will be having a filled heart but none of them will let those feelings get on their faces and sound that way. Ever enjoying and happy go lucky kinda people.

Waiting for them to come back, let’s see how many get emotional today, afterall four years are long enough to have found atleast a small place in our hearts. Isn’t it ?


April 28, 2008

Wow ! Its Kimi again

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The last time I posted something about F1 had Kimi winning the race, and today after quite some time when I feel like sharing with you its Kimi again who’s won the race, this time the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya.
Last year world champion,a God gifted championship, Kimi this year though is leading from the front early this season only with having already two wins under his belt and consolidating his points lead to 9 points ahead of the most dangerous competitor Brit Lewis Hamilton.
With this pace and great combination of teamwork with Ferrari, I guess it would be very difficult for Lewis to overtake him in the championship. And if he goes on to win the championship again this time, then he will straightaway shut his critics’ mouth, who always claim that his last year championship title was not his.
All the best to Kimi and Ferrari and of course congrats for your flawless win. Cheers!
Kimi\'s Crossing the Chequered Flag

April 27, 2008

Study time, who says ???

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Its that time of the semester again which I hate, yes the study time. The third sessionals are scheduled from tomorrow and I haven’t started as yet. Every time I open the book in fact Quantum(the notes cum book), I feel either like sleeping or like asking to myself what if I don’t study? The answer is same each time, nothing new, again I will sit in the exam hall for an hour staring at others, feeling guilty that I didn’t study and feeling like all the invigilators are all the time looking at me and just wish that this one hour passes as soon as possible. Recalling my first semester, I used to see those seniors and think in my mind that why do these people come here, as they used to leave within 15-20 mins. At that time there was no compulsion to sit in the hall for the entire duration and none of the seniors stayed in the room for more than 30 mins. Today in the final year, I am sure the juniors who sit along me in the same room must be thinking the same about me.

The only salvaging point this time is that this is the last time I am appearing for sessionals in my life, unless and until I decide to commit the same mistake of studying again in my life. The next 20 days are going to be the most difficult days. The haunting days are there every time in a six monthly period but this time it would be the most difficult time, because of many other reasons not to be cited here. I just hope that like every previous time I am able to pass this semester, with the same thought of securing more marks than the previous time. This time I seriously want to get more but I know no hard work == no marks. Can someone help me out studying ???

April 26, 2008

Hats off for this new generation of directors

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In the recent past I have seen two movies both made by first timers. Both of them had one thing in common, they took our attention towards somewhere we never thought over. How to treat people with diseases.
Whenever someone suffers from pain, the first thing he needs is not medicine but sympathy instead. The movies I am talking about are Taare Zameen Par, by Amir Khan and second one being U,Me aur Hum by Ajay Devgan. While the first introduced us to Dyslexia, the latter with Alzheimer. In both the cases, the average individual is unaware of the symptoms or its effects.
What was good to see that both these directors stressed on more humane treatment rather than the doctoral one. People believe in the medicinal treatment, which has nothing wrong in it but in diseases like the ones sighted in the movies need more of “out of the doc treatment”. And the case in not restricted to the above cases, it holds with many other diseases. Expressing your love and care is equally important as the medicinal part, and in some cases even more demanding.
Found it really great that this new generation of actors turned directors think out of the box, especially Amir. Just hope that movies like these will our Hindi film industry places and to new heights. Proud to be a part of it by not watching pirated movies. Please do do the same. Don’t watch pirated movies else you will be kicking someone’s stomach and be bereft of such good movies in the future. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

April 25, 2008

Apna Jeena to ….. TASHAN MEIN

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The first thing I heard from my seniors when I came to college was “Bahut Tashan hai tere andar, kanpur ka hai kya ?” Not limited to one or two, but every other guy who did not belong to kanpur had these words for most of the kanpurites. At that instance of time I never understood what they meant. I was just being normal, the way I already was and not at all showing even a little bit of attitude. Just overheard what they said and ignoring them.
Today after 4 years of my, counting my last days in college I got a chance to understand what they exactly meant. Tashan, a movie released today, a masala movie, not enjoyed by many proved that I was ignorant of this nation known fact, that Kanpurites actually have a lot of tashan, hopefully attitude, style and whatever they do they do it with tashan. They are clever and quite bad, “chalak and harami“, as he said. The movie actually having nothing in it, I guess was made only kanpurites in mind, only they could relate the places, streets, the cinema halls, the emotions…..and and in the end the TASHAN.
Go watch it for Kareena, looking damn sexy after shedding a lot of weight and maybe a bit of Akshay. Rest I guess the action director was a little impressed by the Rajnikant flicks but thankfully not much. Some cool locations and maybe you might like the songs if you enjoy faltu tracks…
Well personally I enjoyed, being a Kanpurite, not applying my brains, and being there with so many guys always makes it entertaining. Afterall,


April 24, 2008

The feel good mantra , keep working

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History repeats itself…….2 years ago I did it and it happened again yesterday. I tried installing Linux on my system and ended up losing the entire data and in the process winduhs too….which anyways I would have removed. Good that it all happened on its own.

Since that time I have been busy installing packages and trying to run the wifi on my system. Also I made an unsuccessful attempt to run Nilabh’s external hard disk. I started around 3 pm in the afternoon and first moved my sight off from the screen at 7. Wow, I just loved that. Though the end results are not very fruitful, as I both my tasks went unaccomplished, the wifi and the hdd things, but what I liked was that I enjoyed those 4 hours to the max. Googling around and asking friends and then everyone unable to fix the problems only gave me the impression that I am not that bad.

Well those who might be thinking that I am useless, I must tell that the hard disk would never work because of hard disk constraints on my system. my buddha system, which I figured out and the wifi solution seems to be heading the right direction, just a matter of time I fix it.

I guess old days are back. I just love working…….too good. Going back to enjoy

April 21, 2008

Pink Slip, a blessing in disguise!

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Ever since I’ve heard about the pink slip syndrome I was thinking that people will start losing jobs and many of them might land up nowhere. I even read a post on gurpreet’s blog and thought that this is not right or not for the good at least.

Then I was talking to abhisht yesterday when I realized the other side of the coin, a thing which I guess I should have noticed earlier. With the rate the slips are being issued, the day is not far when there will be only useful people in the IT industry.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. 10 years ago what was the IT industry? Not many wanted to join it, not much prospects, no growth and no parent would suggest their child to join the field.
Now 10 years down the line, what’s the picture ?every passing out graduate wants a job in an IT company, reason…..good money, growth, an opportunity to go abroad and may be some other reasons, which I am unable to sight.

Now all of a sudden there’s a slump in the industry. Students finding it hard to find jobs, those who have the offers, not getting the joining dates. People being thrown out of industry give me just one impression now,

you must be incapable of holding that place

. And the reason for the IT industry going down is because of this useless crowd eating up salaries for actually doing nothing. Pink slip being handed over simply denotes that only the worthy crowd will survive and will get those hefty pay packets which until now even the garbage crowd is getting.

The reason I see it as a blessing is because I have always been in favour of people who actually work. Spending time with the useful stuff will make us more competent, more organized and will not let the zeal to learn new things, die.

This was the reason why I still love being the only CS student to be recruited for iGate from my college.

So if you want to avoid being handed over the pink slip, its better start working hard, because some other guy just might end up taking over your place.

Friends, ah so sorry…… who friend…. Its Money which rulezzzzz !!!

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I always knew money is important in life. It can change your life, can take you to places, can buy you many things, but NOT everything. In fact there’s even a famous advertisement which had its tag line “there are some things money can’t buy……”

I have been living on no money for quite some days now, complained a bit, but surviving and in fact going along well, but what I am experiencing since the last few days ………… is like I feel like jumping down from my balcony and then ask people to take their money from my pockets, my almirahs, my bank accounts or at the worst condition by selling my things.

I lost my BEST friend due to maligning, lost most of my old friends either because of differences arising because of girl(friends) or due to the reason cited earlier. I became a very strong person at heart after what all I experienced. But what I have felt in the last few days I am ashamed of friendship.

Some days ago I wrote a post that I mad a 100 new friends during the Jagriti festival, and some of them saying that why didn’t I meet them earlier. I guess I am a happy man now that I didn’t meet them earlier if that is how people are…..

If I met a hundred new people then I guess by now I must have lost the faith of more than that count and that too the majority being from my own batch mates. Till now everybody was accusing me of gulping in the money from Jagriti. Initially it hurt, but a few days later we all started making fun of it. Especially because most of them had no importance in our lives or people who haven’t known us was saying that. But today I realized that people close to us thought the same. Friends, oh sorry, SO CALLED FRIENDS, also accuse me of same and that too in front of me and gurri, wow yaar……that was a brave effort I should say. I myself am on of those who are not afraid to call a spade, a spade. But I am true at heart and best thing is when I call someone a friend, if nothing I at least TRUST him. Great to find people who don’t even do that and worst part is, still call you a FRIEND. Great na ?? Well I think its good this happened, at least I know now who to contact in case of need once I move out of this lovely place which gave me everything, RKGIT. Also glad that I will not need to make so many unnecessary calls or scroll a phone book of 500 nos. in times of pain or want. Just a handful are enough.

All you lovely selfish people, it was really great spending time with you, some of them wasted four precious years of mine. I guess I could have invested them somewhere else. Anyways forget it, My sincere request to all such people,

please don’t bug me again in my life and a request to GOD, if he’s there, please save other people like me from these ……(not to be said publicly)


April 18, 2008

No money, No honey !!!

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It’s the final semester and for the first time I have felt this way. For the first time I am left with no money! Yeah, no money in my pockets, no money to be borrowed and no money in my bank account. Yeah that’s a fact as well, not many know it but though I have borrowed a lot of times but its never been that I am nil in the reserve(my ATM).

I borrowed 200 bucks yesterday, that too with much difficulty, and it’s all gone thanks to my eye infection. I have been a regular customer to the sector market in these 4 years and for the first time I returned with just a cup of tea in my stomach. Gurpreet was getting an egg roll packed for Shishir and I was………… looking. Friends coming in at the shop and eating away but all me and Gurpreet did was…… STARE.

It’s never been that I have been so helpless. Not getting to eat, no money for medicine, not even for soap and hair-oil. I guess my worst nightmares are coming alive. My system not working, no money, no food, I don’t know what’s coming next.

Now I understand why India is poor, why the poor never get rich and why they fall ill, or die because of petty illnesses. I know what poorness is now, and how 70% of our country, which is still below the poverty line lives. I promise to do something for them once I am capable of doing but at the moment I feel helping my selves.

Having spent so much already in this semester I can’t ask papa for more cash, especially at a time when he’s angry with me. Hope to find some way out of this soon. Amen.

April 17, 2008

Funny or embarrassing ?

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Yesterday I dropped into a book shop to buy the easiest solution to pass the UPTU exams, the Quantum Publications book which gives a summary of each subject, enough to pass all the exams. I said to the person at the book store, “Bhaiya 8th semester ki Quantum aa gyi kya ? ” to which he emphatically replied, “haan, kaun se subject ki chahiye ?”. I said “subject jo hote hain wahi hain, aap book do”, “are aap subject bataenge tab to dunga”. I understood that because of the optional subjects, it would be available according to the subjects. “Subjects…….ummmmm…….SPM”, “SPM ki nahi aayi, aur bataiye”. That was the question of the day for me…. I could not recall my subjects …. “ummmmmm………ummmmmmmm……Hitesh tum batao yar” and I looked at Hitesh’s face to avoid looking at th shopkeeper’s face. He said, “Aapko apne subjects bhi nahi pata”. He asked a fellow shopkeeper to name the subjects, who thankfully said “Distributed karke kuch tha ….. aur usme 2 subjects ki hain .. wo peeli wali”. That was it, I said “haan distributed systems hai” and it contained another subject as well. To embarrass me more he named the fourth subject indeed. I bought the books and came back. Both me and Hitesh left the shop laughing and came back.

Later in the hostel I narrated the entire incident to Gurpreet. Obviously he also burst out in laughter and even said, “Kaash mere papa yaha hote !”, “Kyo”, I asked, to which he replied “main dikhata unko …. dekhiye aapke bete ko subjects to pata hain !” Although we were laughing at that moment and for quite sometime but when I am alone I ought to ask myself… whether I should laugh or should feel embarrass at myself …. I guess I know the answer very well.

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