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April 5, 2008

Another Jagriti….another success, it just keeps coming !!!

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10 pm, 30th march 2008. Th guyz are dancing like anything….branch doesn’t matter, year doesn’t matter, they are all dancing. An year ago, 18th march 2007 also thy danced, reason being th same, Jagriti. Jagriti, our National level college Technical Festival is a success once again. More participation, more competition, more colleges, more friends, more excitement and in the end more enjoyment.

15 jan was when the college officially resumed after the semester break and 6 feb was when I came back to college after getting my sister married. ever since I came back, I was asked to attend the meetings. The first day I sat, I understood nothing what was going on. I had never attended such a meeting where I didn’t want to speak a single word. It went on and on and after sometime I understood I had to move out before I did something which shouldn’t be doing.

Anyways I moved out and realized that this time around it was going to be difficult organizing Jagriti. It would be a big task and we would need a lot of mettle in order to make this legacy a success.

Right from the day I joined Pandey sir’s absence was felt, when we had to take permission for each and everything, a thing that was missing last year. Jagriti’s ought to be a student organized event in which faculty’s role is to b a mere guide. But this year, things changed, everyone right from th junior faculties to the director were questioning each and everything even though they had the least of knowledge in th field.

Though all this made our job more and more tough, I had understood that conducting this event successfully was going to be a tough ask. Keeping everyone together right from juniors to batchmates to faculties proved to be so tough I had never thought of. But I am happy about doing that successfully and peacefully. Keeping everyone happy is not that easy, I must say….something I realized during the fest.

In the end everything turned out to be fun, as organizing things always is. Jagriti’08 turned out to b a bigger success than last year, sans the glamour part as the cultural fest wasn’t organized simultaneously. Well the stats proved to be very encouraging, with over a lakh hits on th website in a span of just 25 days and more than 2000 participants, a ever increasing count, proved it what success is.

Hope that my juniors continue the good work and give the event, which is so close to my heart, success after success. Cheers Team Jagriti!!!


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