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April 6, 2008

Sir aap pehle kyo nhi mile ???

Filed under: Life — Abhinav Sahai @ 6:19 pm

Its 7 am, I am standing at the generator room of my campus and see many students running here and there. Its raining hard and I thought to wait till it stops but non of the students are stopping….I feel immense happiness and it gives me that extra boost up to not-wait but instead carry on with the work. I look upto th sky, filled with hope ,and think that it stops quickly. As I move on with work I see many of my juniors worried. “Sir, ab kya hoga ?”, is the question in everyone’s eyes’ and all I can say is that “this is not going to last long, pray hard”. I realized that everyone was as much worried as I personally was, and in a sense it gave me happiness that everyone’s united today.

Then I saw Rishabh Rai (third year) coming in, well dressed, and wishing everyone, “Happy Jagriti”. This was something which I had heard for the first time in two years of organizing Jagriti. I thought even I have to learn something. We always believed Jagriti is a festival for us but the words “Happy Jagriti” gave a feeling that it actually is a festival and not merely a techfest.

The juniors worked like anything. I was wrong when I said that final year was more active this time around. The third year guys performed better, no doubt thy had good guidance but did a remarkable job on their own as well.

During this month of Jagriti, I met a number of new faces, of course primarily juniors. I interacted with so many new people and felt so good that I feel that why didn’t thy meet me earlier. Infact I myself heard this this from many of them, “Sir aap pehle kyo nhi mile ?”, the same question that I put up to a couple of my seniors. I guess the tradition will go on, and especially now since there is no ragging, interaction between different batches will be reduced. Only the workaholics will come out or maybe those who seriously excel in some or the other field.

Whatever Jagriti does I guess is other part, the one benefit I find is that similar poeple come to sit out together and like minded brains bring out something that is difficult to come otherwise. I just wish this tradition continues as it is now and more and more success come to this college and its students.


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