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April 17, 2008

Funny or embarrassing ?

Filed under: Thought Provoking — Abhinav Sahai @ 4:36 am

Yesterday I dropped into a book shop to buy the easiest solution to pass the UPTU exams, the Quantum Publications book which gives a summary of each subject, enough to pass all the exams. I said to the person at the book store, “Bhaiya 8th semester ki Quantum aa gyi kya ? ” to which he emphatically replied, “haan, kaun se subject ki chahiye ?”. I said “subject jo hote hain wahi hain, aap book do”, “are aap subject bataenge tab to dunga”. I understood that because of the optional subjects, it would be available according to the subjects. “Subjects…….ummmmm…….SPM”, “SPM ki nahi aayi, aur bataiye”. That was the question of the day for me…. I could not recall my subjects …. “ummmmmm………ummmmmmmm……Hitesh tum batao yar” and I looked at Hitesh’s face to avoid looking at th shopkeeper’s face. He said, “Aapko apne subjects bhi nahi pata”. He asked a fellow shopkeeper to name the subjects, who thankfully said “Distributed karke kuch tha ….. aur usme 2 subjects ki hain .. wo peeli wali”. That was it, I said “haan distributed systems hai” and it contained another subject as well. To embarrass me more he named the fourth subject indeed. I bought the books and came back. Both me and Hitesh left the shop laughing and came back.

Later in the hostel I narrated the entire incident to Gurpreet. Obviously he also burst out in laughter and even said, “Kaash mere papa yaha hote !”, “Kyo”, I asked, to which he replied “main dikhata unko …. dekhiye aapke bete ko subjects to pata hain !” Although we were laughing at that moment and for quite sometime but when I am alone I ought to ask myself… whether I should laugh or should feel embarrass at myself …. I guess I know the answer very well.


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  1. grrrr….wot 2 say..m speechless!! 3 mahine k semester me…2.5 mahine laga diye…subjects k naam janne me…baki k 15 din…….PADH LO!!!!!
    as far as ur question regardin embarassmnt z cncrnd..”I guess u know the answer very well.”
    nd as i commented in 1 f ur earlier situation z nt btr thn dat….’GET WELL SOON SAHAI..’

    Comment by just4u — April 21, 2008 @ 7:19 am | Reply

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