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April 24, 2008

The feel good mantra , keep working

Filed under: Life — Abhinav Sahai @ 2:39 pm

History repeats itself…….2 years ago I did it and it happened again yesterday. I tried installing Linux on my system and ended up losing the entire data and in the process winduhs too….which anyways I would have removed. Good that it all happened on its own.

Since that time I have been busy installing packages and trying to run the wifi on my system. Also I made an unsuccessful attempt to run Nilabh’s external hard disk. I started around 3 pm in the afternoon and first moved my sight off from the screen at 7. Wow, I just loved that. Though the end results are not very fruitful, as I both my tasks went unaccomplished, the wifi and the hdd things, but what I liked was that I enjoyed those 4 hours to the max. Googling around and asking friends and then everyone unable to fix the problems only gave me the impression that I am not that bad.

Well those who might be thinking that I am useless, I must tell that the hard disk would never work because of hard disk constraints on my system. my buddha system, which I figured out and the wifi solution seems to be heading the right direction, just a matter of time I fix it.

I guess old days are back. I just love working…….too good. Going back to enjoy


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