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April 25, 2008

Apna Jeena to ….. TASHAN MEIN

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The first thing I heard from my seniors when I came to college was “Bahut Tashan hai tere andar, kanpur ka hai kya ?” Not limited to one or two, but every other guy who did not belong to kanpur had these words for most of the kanpurites. At that instance of time I never understood what they meant. I was just being normal, the way I already was and not at all showing even a little bit of attitude. Just overheard what they said and ignoring them.
Today after 4 years of my, counting my last days in college I got a chance to understand what they exactly meant. Tashan, a movie released today, a masala movie, not enjoyed by many proved that I was ignorant of this nation known fact, that Kanpurites actually have a lot of tashan, hopefully attitude, style and whatever they do they do it with tashan. They are clever and quite bad, “chalak and harami“, as he said. The movie actually having nothing in it, I guess was made only kanpurites in mind, only they could relate the places, streets, the cinema halls, the emotions…..and and in the end the TASHAN.
Go watch it for Kareena, looking damn sexy after shedding a lot of weight and maybe a bit of Akshay. Rest I guess the action director was a little impressed by the Rajnikant flicks but thankfully not much. Some cool locations and maybe you might like the songs if you enjoy faltu tracks…
Well personally I enjoyed, being a Kanpurite, not applying my brains, and being there with so many guys always makes it entertaining. Afterall,



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