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April 26, 2008

Hats off for this new generation of directors

Filed under: Movies — Abhinav Sahai @ 5:56 pm

In the recent past I have seen two movies both made by first timers. Both of them had one thing in common, they took our attention towards somewhere we never thought over. How to treat people with diseases.
Whenever someone suffers from pain, the first thing he needs is not medicine but sympathy instead. The movies I am talking about are Taare Zameen Par, by Amir Khan and second one being U,Me aur Hum by Ajay Devgan. While the first introduced us to Dyslexia, the latter with Alzheimer. In both the cases, the average individual is unaware of the symptoms or its effects.
What was good to see that both these directors stressed on more humane treatment rather than the doctoral one. People believe in the medicinal treatment, which has nothing wrong in it but in diseases like the ones sighted in the movies need more of “out of the doc treatment”. And the case in not restricted to the above cases, it holds with many other diseases. Expressing your love and care is equally important as the medicinal part, and in some cases even more demanding.
Found it really great that this new generation of actors turned directors think out of the box, especially Amir. Just hope that movies like these will our Hindi film industry places and to new heights. Proud to be a part of it by not watching pirated movies. Please do do the same. Don’t watch pirated movies else you will be kicking someone’s stomach and be bereft of such good movies in the future. THANKS IN ADVANCE.


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