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April 30, 2008

Getting that feeling now, Last days approaching !

Filed under: Life — Abhinav Sahai @ 2:58 pm

Honey, Hitesh, Afaq, Ashish…..all are looking for white shirts, some one wants tie, other wants formal shoes. All getting ready for the official gathering of the EC Department where they will be bid farewell. Yeah time has come finally, and the buzz is around the hostel is not because of the exams approaching but that of the limited days we are in the campus. The EN department has already had their get-together and with the EC people having it right now, the buzz is getting stronger.

The feeling which was missing since all these days is alightly taking the place. No doubt, though everybody may say otherwise but all of us have got this feeling atleast once in our minds that our days our numbered, 30 to be precise. 

Seeing honey wearing the tie someone shouted “are you fromfirst year ?” Yeah it was when we initially came to college that we wore the tie and now in presentations and/or today seen in that maroon coloured tie with the college logo embossed on it.  It seems like it was just yesterday when we came here, I know it’s an old dialogue but if we think for a moment somewhere down the line it has that feeling.  There will be an extended photo session, some group photos, some couples and some others as well. I know today they won’t be emotional perhaps because of the official thing and then not all of us being there.  But this is the starting of the possibly the most difficult month in college, especially if you are popular or have made some really good friends. Everytime a junior tells us the no of days left, I get a feeling how bad our seniors would have felt when we did the same to them. Its good that we haven’t got emotional uptil now and with the company in which I reside feel better that though all of them will be having a filled heart but none of them will let those feelings get on their faces and sound that way. Ever enjoying and happy go lucky kinda people.

Waiting for them to come back, let’s see how many get emotional today, afterall four years are long enough to have found atleast a small place in our hearts. Isn’t it ?


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  1. Yeaa…coleg k wo gine chune din aa gaye..i attended our departmental farewell…n seriously attndin it gave me dat irk……dat nostalgic feeling…which uptill nw I wz running frm….those terrible last dez f college…end of 4 precious years..which ppl call..”golden years”. Smwhr deep inside I wz feeling…as if m loosing smthng which ill miss 4ever….
    Those frenz…classroom….cmments…bunks…college canteen..d block ki stairs..
    It wz really xciting to c ppl runnin 4 every click…no bdy wanted to miss a single moment…nt even by mistake..! The days where I had no responsibilities, the days which gave me some of the happiest moments in my life will be gone forever. Friends have started filling their slam books, have started taking the group still…I don’t want even to thnk bout it..
    N yess…very rightly said abhinav…these juniors……..sari mathematics abhi dikhani hai…huh.

    will say jst 1 line….
    “life cannot be undo, have to live on with it”..

    Comment by swati — April 30, 2008 @ 9:55 pm | Reply

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