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May 14, 2008

CS an easy branch! Don’t dare to say that again…

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When I was in first year I was told by my seniors that CS is possibly the easiest branch, you just need to study till the third sem after that all the subjects will be a piece of cake. Initially I thought they might be correct but you cannot say that ever since one saw that “PPL(principles in programming languages)” question paper back in the 5th sem. I guess that was the turnaround. “Theory of auto-mata” was tough but it was ought to be. people knew it was tough and so they studied it with proper commitment. And then when it was gone everyone thought it’s all very easy from now. The greatest misconception was coming….
It all started in the 5th sem with the PPL exam. I personally never create hue and cry about any question paper, I guess ethically I cannot do that because of the massive efforts I put in each time, and as a result was laughing at that studious lot, studying all throughout the semester still creating a fuss and saying they won’t pass. History repeats itself and that’s what happened,though it has repeated 4 times since then. Computer Networks(6th sem), DIP(7th) and  now this semester it was ACA(Advanced Computer Architecture). Each semester has seen at least one paper that compels you to say it’s not all that easy passing CS.


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  1. sir,
    i trully agree with you.

    Comment by gaurav — July 22, 2008 @ 3:10 pm | Reply

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