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May 16, 2008

Studies over…….finally !!

Filed under: Life — Abhinav Sahai @ 9:26 am

When I was young, every time I had my exams in any class in any term (that was what we used to say, the semester thing now), I used to tell my mom that today is the last day I’m studying, tomorrow it will all be over and I won’t have to study again and each time mom had the same answer,”This is not the final time you are studying in your life”. Mom, I guess this time you cannot say that line as finally tomorrow I am finally going to appear in my last exam and with no desire to study more and enter those boring classrooms again I expect that this would be the last time I would be appearing in any exam. Studies finally going to reach an end, mind it I am talking about studying and NOT learning.

At 5.30 pm tomorrow as the hooter will be heard for the final time and I’ll be set free, an engineer (don’t know whether I really deserve that degree) by qualification but what makes me happy is that I don’t have to study again, compete with those idiotic crowd who have no other work on earth rather than sticking their heads into the books and then too learning nothing in the process.

Unless and until I need or commit that mistake of studying again, I find myself the king of the world as no boundations will exist then, no compulsions on what to study and especially not asked to study what his no damn importance in my life. Hope to see this last exam of ‘mobile communications’  through and then it’ll be all over. I’ll be a free man, free to learn what I want. Aaaahhhh….. a big sigh of relief as only I know how I tolerated these four years which had a horrible ten days each time in a period of six months. You need great courage to handle that, don’t believe me? Try engineering once, you’ll get the answer yourself.

** The above post has been written assuming I clear all my exams in this semester. **


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