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June 10, 2008

Maula mere lele meri jaan !

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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of


This is what our project report has inscribed on its cover page. I guess it means if you don’t complete your project then you won’t get your B.Tech degree. An engineer without a project means I guess he’s just finished wasting 4 most precious years of his life.

Well that’s the rude part, now lets talks about practicality. Out of around 350 students not even 15 have actually made their projects. Around 15-20 tried making it but were unsuccessful due to various reasons and 5-10 were termed a fool by their group-mates when they expressed their thought of making something on their own. Lets take the round figure to 50 (at the max, being a bit lenient). That takes the count to 300. That means 85% of the students have not even tried making projects from their own. These stats are from my college but what I realized when I saw students from other U.P.T.U. colleges I was dumbstruck. I found that in some colleges the rate was even high. In some colleges the rate being 100%. What a petty sight especially if you happen to be a teacher or someone from the university.
Well the problem I guess is not with the students, its with the entire system. The University, the curriculum, the colleges, the teachers and last but not the least the students. The way the things are taught, the exam papers are framed, the way they are checked, the way students get their marks (be it external or internal) and the way the students pass. The entire system is at fault, I don’t say that students are not at fault but you cannot expect much from them, and I even say it would be wrong to blame them.
I remember one of my friends in EC (Electronics & Communications) said “

its better that teachers take Rs.3000 themselves. Its much better than spending time and hard work going to Delhi and fetching that project.

It may sound stupid but it’s not wrong either if its pondered practically. As far my personal experience of the project presentation is concerned, the examiner said

Kuch batano ho to bata dijiye (you may tell whatever you want to)

and while we in the process of explaining him, his dumbfounded expression led us to say that it was all. 3 of us didn’t even need to open the locks on our mouths.
After the presentation I thought it was good that we didn’t work hard for it, just downloading and reading the documentation once did the trick, though a couple of people who were in the group didn’t do even that. But in the end everyone gets almost the same marks so what’s the point in doing it ????

I guess every year as I have been doing it, this university is never going to produce actual engineers if it doesn’t change its SYSTEM. I can just hope that it improves, and maybe pray a bit. In the end all i can say is Good luck to all those unfortunate and non hard workers who are going to join the UPTU in the coming years. Or else as soon as they will land up the industry and face those interviews they are just going to utter the same thing which students cry before and after each project presentation……..

Maula Mera Lele Meri Jaan !


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  1. haha…..”5-10 f thm wr termed a fool by thr groupmates”…well in my case thy were my frends!

    even if u try to do smthing which requires ur own efforts…thr r ppl who’l pull u back..
    n we step back..das a mistake at our part..

    n lemme tell u…thr r ppl who hv worked really hard on project..hv brilliant still got shit marks.reason??…xaminer said ” tumne ye project in teeno (group members) ko becha hai kya??” jst b’cuz he wz d one…who made all d programs thn n thr with no errors !!
    d guy got ‘lowest marks’ in his group…!

    newez..point z not yr project which z cnsidered d most important part f our degree………hz no importance as far as UPTU colleges r cncrned..

    lets hope…scene jaldi change ho..inna btr way!

    Comment by swati — June 12, 2008 @ 9:17 pm | Reply

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