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June 19, 2008

Sarkar Raj : really govinda govinda govindaahhhh !

Filed under: Movies — Abhinav Sahai @ 11:08 am

Its all about power, thats what message RGV wants to convey by making the Sarkar series. After much criticism from his last movie, the Sholay remake, one must admit, he’s come back strongly, very strongly indeed. An immaculate mixture of Power, Respect, Love, Hatred, Emotions, Betrayal, Brains, Smartness, Sympathy, Selfishness, Selflessness, Expectations, Desires, Attitude, Game and above all POLITICS. Nothing seemed to be over or exhaustive. Beautiful direction supported by good cinematography, editing, to the mark stunning music and above all the power packed performances by the star cast, basically the Bachchans make the movie a lethal combination. A perfect blend of something which you need to watch in order to know for yourself. But mind it, you need to have a liking for slow, dark movies with all those family drama and songs shot at exotic locations ABSENT. If Sarkar showed some way that movies can be directed with keeping all audience in mind, and not for a particular genre.
Amitabh and Abhishek once again proved to be a deadly combination with all those talking between them done with the eyes itself. The expressions, the stares, the “one-line” answers (only one words in some case)…..simply awesome.
If somebody’s a superpower in Mumbai then its got to be Sarkar(Amitabh) and with son Shankar following suite, it gives him enough respect and popularity, in just a little over two years, what took the Sarkar a lifetime to earn. Taking his father’s footsteps, he does everything and takes all decisions all by himself, and does not consult his dad even before firing Chander, his father’s most “vafadar sevak” who’d been around for 20 long years. In the end its mindgames that rule as Sarkar loses his son, bahu along with the to be born grand child and terms his deeds as the cause of all.
Anyways though from the ending it seems that Aishwarya was the temporary replacement of Shankar but it would be Chiku, his grandson from the Sarkar’s elder son, who would be ruling if Sarkar:3 is to released. I hope and really want Ramu to do that and so would all those people who love to watch politics and mindgames being played. Eagerly waiting…


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