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July 22, 2008

Leaving my second home, to make my life larger

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Nothing really to blog about. PossiblyLeaving for home. After 4 long years of my graduation, its time to go home and look on for some thing, probably something to make my career. Its bbye to my college RKGIT. Thanks for making me the person I am today and ofcourse giving me everything. Thanks a lot.


Hail this great world of softwares !

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Sometime back I had a mail from some Gaurav, who was on the lookout for original writers. He was paying some small amount for the writeups. Though he offered just a handful amount, I mailed back to him saying I would be happy to do the job if he found me worth it and I put up my blog address just in case he wished to see how or what I write about. I wasn’t interested in the money as that wasn’t even covering my fooding cost of even a single day.  It was just because of my interest and will for writing that I mailed him. But what I recieved in return completely shook me up. This is what he wrote :

Hi abhinav
i just checked your blog. it contains many copy paste articles and i am very sorry to say we dont require such team members.
We deal with international customers and violation of copy writing is strictly prohibited.

If you can deliver any original article, then i  can consider you for the application!

To anyone of my readers if you’ve ever read my post I guess you can very well tell what my blog is all about. Huh, was truly disgusted.

I mailed him something which I won’t write in public and his reply even shattered me.

I have nothing against you but the softwares shows plagiarism.
If you can provide us with unique content then i will be very happy to enroll you !

Well this poor world of softwares can never replace the beautiful people around. I guess some things the humans can do much better. God help those people who rely on softwares rather than their brains!

July 6, 2008

Its getting better and closer!

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Its 48 points apiece for Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. I coudn’t believe my eyes when I saw that. Just logged on Formula1 site to see this

Flawless Hamilton triumphant at sodden Silverstone

Well I read in the morning newspaper that he wasn’t ther in the front two rows in the starting grid and was happy that one the Ferrari men was. But wa surprised to see the podium pic having no body from the red team.  With each progressing race the title championship is getting hotter. Man I just wish I could watch all those races LIVE! Well thats the loss you pay when out for some work. Anyways hope to see this title end very sportingly and in favour of my Red’s.

Hamilton\'s at his best!

July 5, 2008

A new installation each day!

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Well since the past few days I haven’t been connecting net on my system. Its been on other systems, in my labs and just now on my brother’s system. Well the common thing I have done everyday is that I have installed Firefox on each system. Don’t know how many people use it but I have got into such addiction that I am installing it everywhere I am going. Well can’t say much but would luv to do NO more installations…wanna see the entire world using it.  Common world wake up to Firefox and leave that crap from MS called IE in the trash or recycle bin in the for that matter. Hail Open Source.

July 4, 2008

A wireless campus does have some benefits

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Well I am seriously missing out on a camera right now. With juniors all round me with their laptops, even I am on a borrowed laptop thanks to my juniors, I find it a create sight to capture. Thanks to the hostel net failure that people are seen all round the campus with their lappy’s and make the RKGIT campus a pleasant sight to view. Its only at these moments when one can see the benefits of the wi-fi campus. Well giving me a feeling that people are going a bit technical out here and feel that they should be connected to the world and hence take the pains to sit in the hot with mosquitoes almost biting the flesh, forget their blood sucking capabilities.
Wow! Technology is growing as well and and will take over one day over mankind.

July 2, 2008

The world’s changing…Linux is Growing

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It was the 1999 cricket world cup in England, I was a hardcore cricket follower then, I was watching a match (can’t recall the teams) when I saw a commercial in which I understood nothing. Only thing I remember is that there was a boy and he was travelling places and that the commercial ended saying “The world’s changing. Linux is growing”. I did not even know then what Linux was or for that matter what an operating system was.

Its been 9 years since that day. I reside in an engineering campus boys hostel and almost every other second one can hear the starting sound of the Windoze operating system starting. Got bored of it though but people with great speakers often let the entire hostel when they login to their winduhs machine.

But what prompted me to write this post was this. I walked into my hostel and before I could hear the sound of a favourite number or the boring sound of the windows login I heard the sound of the drums. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t. If you don’t know what those drums sound meant, it was the sound when the Ubuntu (Linux) machine prompts the user to login with the username/password. I souted in joy and asked who’s this great person? Well, I did not find who that person was, and frankly speaking I didn’t want to as that gave me even more happiness that people outside my domain are also using Linux. Wow! I said and for a second I thought, yes the world is changing, we’ve brought a revolution and there will be more drums sound being heard in the near future. Compells me to say…Linux IS Growing.

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