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July 5, 2008

A new installation each day!

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Well since the past few days I haven’t been connecting net on my system. Its been on other systems, in my labs and just now on my brother’s system. Well the common thing I have done everyday is that I have installed Firefox on each system. Don’t know how many people use it but I have got into such addiction that I am installing it everywhere I am going. Well can’t say much but would luv to do NO more installations…wanna see the entire world using it.  Common world wake up to Firefox and leave that crap from MS called IE in the trash or recycle bin in the for that matter. Hail Open Source.



  1. Browser war is my favourite topic. :D.

    Yeah IE is cr@p.. but FF is or might not be best browser around. Opera wins on any day :D. Simply coz out of box FF with no extension is almost just as good as IE. Even after extensions, FF lacks in major things which is quite essential.

    btw, stats shows that still 80% of user use cr@p IE, so its a long time to go for FF/Opera/Safari to take over. 🙂

    Comment by Nishant — July 5, 2008 @ 11:45 pm | Reply

  2. Yeah Nishat, i guess it will take time b4 ppl will realise the power of these open source products… i guess the engg understand it but not the common masses. so that ratio will take time to change. By the way was wondering why do u recommend opera ovr FF ?? need to know it man!

    Comment by nerdysahai — July 6, 2008 @ 11:28 pm | Reply

  3. Well, I’m using Opera sice it used to come with ads which would be around 6yrs back. From that time, I never felt any need to change my browser. Maybe this long time bonding can be the reason behind me favouring it.

    Anyways technically Opera is the fastest browser around (i’m yet to compare it with FF3, but it used to win easily over FF2 and other). CSS rendering and JavaScript loading is the fastest (compare it with FF through various sites). Opera was second browser after Safari to pass “Acid Test”, which tested the correctness of CSS rendering, FF2 never passed that test, not to talk about IE :D. Again dontknow about FF3.

    FF used to have memory leaks, consumed much more RAM for ‘x’ number of tabs than Opera did. Opera was first to introduce anti-phising feature. Opera has inbuilt Mail Client, and Torrent Client. Opera has inbuilt AdBlocker. All these feature are available with FF but only with extensions, which somewhat slows down the performance.

    As I said FF does have the advantage of addons and extensions but out-of-box its just better version of IE. Anyways, browser wars is something which is never ending topic over internet :D. I’m sure you will have tons of good points about FF too which will beat Opera. So this thing will continue. Its more of personal choice.

    But whatever the thing may be, FF n Opera is much much better than cr@p IE. And people should be informd about it. 🙂

    Comment by Nishant — July 9, 2008 @ 9:27 pm | Reply

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