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September 28, 2008

Abhinav Sahai shown the exit door on communication skills

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It may sound like I rate Sahai very high but I just couldn’t avoid writing this as it left me completely shattered and shell shocked. Yeah, Abhinav Sahai was asked to leave from the hall after he was not fit or did not score the required on the communication skill graph.

A looooooo….ong (maybe even more longer) as a 10 hour waited ended in just 20 seconds and all dreams lost in a flash. I cancelled my return ticket to home a few days back when I got an sms from Monster that Steria was conducting a walkin interview in its office on the 27th of this month. I decided to stay at ranu bhaiya’s place till then and enquired about the company. Found it good enough and was happy that finally some big company was conducting a walkin. Was confident and had already thinking that what joining date would I choose, where would I stay and all such stuff. That wasn’t over confidence I must mention. Sahai is normally never over confident though he does seem under confident sometimes. I guess thats what happened.

26th night he was busy preparing for the interview, little had he though that he wouldn’t be able to even appear for the interview. 27th morning as his elder brother had asked him, he reached the centre 1 hour before the scheduled time, but to no avail as the management was pathetic over there. Not much mentioning about it, I’d only say that he could only get entry after a wait of some 9 and a half hours at 6:30 in the evening. By then all the energy had drained off, shirt gone awry and awfullly smelling of sweat. Couldn’t help, thanks to the great management, which again I wouldn’t discuss.

Anyways got inside and had a sigh of relief, had water etc after which we were taken to the cafetaria where the energy came back within minutes. A tall, heavy personality was already seated there. He told us that

since we didn’t expect such a big crowd to turn up so we’ve decided to hold an elimination round before the interview. The round will check the communication skills of the candidates, his pronounciation and his fluency etc. The reason for this was that we have almost 99% of our clients overseas and the candidates need to talk to them, for which we hire people who can understand them.So I need all of you to tell us in 20 secs ‘why you wish to work for Steria ?

I straightaway started thinking about the reason and frankly telling couldn’t think of one till quite late ! Finally I thought of something and went there to utter my answer. When I finished I was shocked to hear what that man said, “Thank you Abhinav, you may please leave now”. For a few seconds I thought I heard him incorrectly. Without thinking and still in the state of shock, I picked up my bag and left the hall. Was asked to wait in the lobby before the security took me to the exit door. I walked almost a kilometre or maybe even more before I hired a rickshaw to bhaiya’s place. Its been around 5 hours since that incident but I am still unable to get out of it actually. Talked to a couple of friends, both of whom were in total disbelief and were saying that I was kidding, wish I was kidding and ofcourse bhaiya, ofcourse everybody trying to pacify me but all to no avail. Lets see how quickly I get out of this.

All I can say is that my phuphaji was right, this is your bad phase and it will take 3-4 months to pass. Till today I never believed in things like “bad phase” or “din hoga to nikal jaega” but today I am bound to change my perception. Though I have just one thought in my mind, “Something even bigger is waiting for me !”


September 12, 2008

Steve jobs Stanford Speech, pathfinding one.

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A few moments ago I wrote something about doing what you love. Just recalled that when such a great person of the cadre of Steve Jobs has said regarding this, who will listen to me. Here’s what he said.

A truly inspiring video. Do watch it. Incase you don’t know who he is, this video will tell you that also.

September 11, 2008

Any humans left alive ?

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Whatever has happened in the last few weeks has prompted me to write this post or rather think why didn’t I become a doctor ? I am an engineer now and my stay at my college in the last few years has given me so many diseases that I have visited as many as 6 doctors ever since I have returned home.

Well that’s not the frustrating part if you are thinking, actually the amount of uncertainty all these doctors have created in my mind made me think that I should have been a doctor. The problem is not that a person has some disease, the problem is that he’s not diagnosed with the correct problem and a wrong medication may worsen his problem. The doctors I think have lost the credibility and most of them exist only to mint money. Yeah I use the word mint because the heavy fees they charge is not exactly what they deserve but totally a profit they make from someone’s helplessness. In all these days I have had wrong diagnoses, wrong medicines and you won’t believe that I had been wearing the wrong lenses since the last four years. These shops are also making by fooling the people. To add to that when I got my eyes tested again and ordered for a new pair of lenses, I am told by the shopkeeper that he’ll day one more day since the lenses made were not correct. Ideally a customer would increase faith in the shopkeeper thinking that he’s getting it correct himself but guess what when he handed the new pair to me, I straight away went to my doctor again and to my disbelief even the latest pair was incorrectly made. Wow! why don’t they shut their shops and sit quietly at home, earning by making a fool out of the people will only earn them curses and they’ll suffer later in their lives. Its their choice though, earn more and suffer more or have the less of both the things.

Some time ago I was diagnosed with stones in my kidney, a normal problem, many people have it. But the amount of money it took to diagnose those two stones was unimaginable. One doctor said there are no stones, other said there might be and by the time the stones were found, I had spent a whopping 8000 rupees out from my dad’s pocket. Shame on these doctors, A doctor was called the second to GOD as he could lives, but what have they become now ??

Are there any humans left on earth now ? Or its only the money left alive ?

Live your dreams, only then can you ROCK ON!

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Finally after 3 months I managed to watch a movie, thanks to ginni. It all happened in a jiffy, he made a call and I said to get ready in a few minutes and off we went. Had already heard and read already about the movie and was lucky to go. Oh by the way I watched Rock On!

No need to tell how the movie was, just one line, if you a youth and still haven’t watched it, you have missed something, but its still not too late. Scintillating music, mind blowing performances and probably Farhan Akhtar showing why he’s earned so much respect in this short period of four movies. Guess someone should show the movie to Himesh Reshammiya, maybe he’ll understand why he can never be a good actor or earn that name which farhan’s achieved in just a tenth, maybe even less, of films himesh’s associated with.

As i watched the movie my old belief that you won’t be happy until you follow your dreams, is strengthened again. Do what your heart says, just go for it. This world will pull you back and bring you back almost to the ground. Everyone has dreams but its only those who avoid hitting the ground and being pulled back, get that feeling. Earning money is not everything, and neither not having it is. While leading a happy life, that’s what life is all about. And that can only happen if we do what our heart wants, not what our mind our this cruel or rather foolish world wants.

Do what you believe in and what you like, comprises are ok sometimes but not always. If you feel so then I guess you are sure to lead a happy life.

Believe in your dreams, infact live them only then you can ROCK ON !

September 8, 2008

Happy birthday to me

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7th sept ’07 i was with friends, celebrations had already started and by the time it was 12 o clock, huge  crowd was waiting at my room-door, all ready to kick my butts. Thrown up in the sky and being kicked everytime I came down. Then the wishes, the phone calls and then the party at our favourite upadhyay ji ka dhaba. This was how it was last year and a couple of years added to it as well.

This year the scenario’s completely different. Moved out of college, at home, not for the best of reasons though, but the way of celebration certainly changed. No friends, no party, nobody ready to kick me and forget the dhaba. The lone similarity was the phone calls, that too a very small number as compared to the ones in college. Morning I woke up with honey’s call/sms only to find that he was missing the same.

It’s all over, college life’s over, boys graduating to men and time to earn your living. Well thats how life is, nothings permanent, its evolution always and we have to adapt accordingly. Hope to see a few friends in the evening, and night calls a for the end of a quiet birthday.

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me !

September 4, 2008

“Is desh ka kuch nhi ho sakta”

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This is what supreme court”, India’s apex judicial body had to say about our country some days back. its true, 100% fact and there’s no one who can change that. India has been a developing country and the fact is that it will always remain a developing country. There’s no force which can change that. The way which our neta’s rule here, will never let this country grow.

I was trying to keep myself away from blogging since some days but things happening again and again compelled me to write over here. whatever be the case, be it the Kashmir issue, the Singur thing or the Bihar floods. all problems have been created by these idiot neta’s and the sufferers are the general masses. I was totally amazed by the fact that jammu was burning, people not ready to stay in their homes despite curfew and trying to bay away the police, all for the sake of a piece of land which nobody had a clue whom it belonged to and what was the change that was being imposed! a couple of days back i saw people celebrating in jammu, why, because the amarnath shrine land issue had been resolved. Oh! I thought there might have been some good decision that everyone would be benefiting from. When I read the entire article I came to know that the land issue stays where it was. the 2004 judgement stated that the land would be given to the shrine board during the pilgrim days temporarily each year.

After hundreds of people dying, lakhs of property being burnt, and above all the month long chaos created in the state, they celebrated and guess what made them celebrate, this judgement– “the land would be given to the shrine board during the pilgrim days temporarily each year”. Can you believe it ? I have actually copy-pasted the judgement line from the
previous para ! The judgement remains the same but people think the issue has been resolved, what a way to fool people.  The union home minister, the hurriyat leaders, the chief minister, the governor(being changed during this period), the opposition and a bunch of other crooks generated that condition that people became enemies and all for the benefit of their personal images ! Wow, what a country, a country where’s no one’s for no one or I should say every man for himself, people fighting for some one’ else’s land which remains as it was. Not a single individual knows the reason but they want the verdict to be changed, which actually they don’t even know. Amazing.

The second case, the bihar floods, the situation went out of hands about 15 days back itself, when it was told that the dam would break. Each news channel shows different stages and places of neglect by various people from all cadre, ranging right from the labourers to the home minister. Well the real situation will never be known, but gathering all those news info’s i can say that if these floods will occur each and every year. out of 80 crore sanctioned to the state for the resurrection of the dam, only 35 lakhs being used ! Phew ! man 79 crore, 65 lakhs missing? can someone believe it ! i cannot for sure, “are yar khaane ki bhi koi limit hoti hai ?” what sort of a country we live in?

the third issue that compelled me to write this article is the singur issue. mamata bannerjee, starts opposing the tata plant, the day it was declared. there are bandhs, strikes, firing, people being killed and N number of other agitations, still the plant goes on. No action being taken uptil now by the government or the Tata’s. The day the production has to start, all of a sudden the violence increases. Mamata refuses to talk, says will talk only after the land is returned to the farmers. A couple of days into production the plant gets a lock and tata’ start thinking of alternatives. The loss in case the plant gets a shutdown, 200 crore for the tata’s ( a minor amount compared to his wealth as well as the benefits he’s been offered from the other states on setting up the plant in their state). Forget that loss what about this : 4000 factory workers to lose their jobs, thousands of lakhs of rupees being invested by the smaller industries being setup in order to supply materials to the tata’s. Who’s to be blamed for this ? AS the factory gets the lock, all of a sudden mamata is ready to talk, even though the land has not been returned? Why? Wasn’t that you wanted? She wanted tata’s to pull back the project, when they decide to do so, she says she’s open for talks! “Waah re mere desh k neta?” everybody knows, with elections down the cards you wanna become a public figure claiming that you are fighting for the farmers. Oh my country people, i beg to say that don’t get into this game created by dirty politicians. They’ll will either way, the losers are WE, the “aam aadmi“.

And the best part is in the end everyone has the guts to say “I love my India”. Shit man, how could you even say that! Hail my country, hail my neta’s and hail my countrymen. Truly yours.

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