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March 23, 2009

New Jersey not lucky, who says ??

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When the Indian team started their New Zealand tour with 2 straight losses, their was a huge hue and cry about the new Indian jersey not being lucky. But then they proved everybody wrong by not just winning the ODI series 3-1 but then continuing their winning streak to the test matches as well.
Yesterday Dhoni’s boys gave Indian’s just another reason to celebrate, winning their first test on the NZ soil in 33 years. Last time it was the legendary Sunny Gavaskar’s team that did it. This Indian team has turned the world’s head their way. With continuously winning not only in the subcontinent but also abroad. They did that to Australia last year, then beat them at home then thrashed England at home, followed it with a comprehensive series win in SriLanka and now in New Zealand they dunnit again !

Its the lucky one

Its the lucky one

Well the skeptics may say its too early to comment on the test series now but as a matter of fact the home team might also be wondering how to avoid the series loss, forget winning it. Its only in a case when half of the Indian batsmen fall ill or may some extra poor cricket that they would loose. But the current form of the players, be it the bowlers, the batsmen or the captain, no one would put money on the home side.
Be it Sehwag, Dravid, Sachin, Gambhir, or Zaheer, Ishant or Bhajji it looks now that everybody is enjoying out there. It was very correctly said by Dhoni at the presentation that it was a complete team win. All the players performed and when the team plays like that the there is no reason when should not look forward to a series win.
I guess Ganguly started it with winning matches abroad and Dhoni has taken it further to winning Series’ abroad. All the best to Team India and hail the jersey-whether new or old.


March 21, 2009

Formula1 changes bring in more excitement

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This year the formula1 will be all together a different sport. With major changes announced by the F1 bosses, it seems like just taking care of fast driving or the pit strategy will not be sufficient to win the races and finishing in the top3 regularly though not winning the race is no longer sufficient to win the title.

The new rule says that the winner of maximum no of races is going to take the title home even though he may have scored less points, in case of clash in the no of race wins, the points will come into consideration. Apart from that there are major technicla changes that will come into picture, though not all are applicable are from this year, the next season will have them as compulsory. Being optional not all teams might adopt all the changes ths season.

The bosses now have started giving more stress on the aerodynamics of the cars. Also they have asked the teams to cut down the costs. One major change is that the cars can use only 8 engines per season which means that they will have to decide when to change the engine  in the season on 17 races. If a driver changes an engine for more times then each time the number exceeds, he will have to lose 10 spots on the grid, which would possibly mean the end of the race for the car.

A lot of other important restrictions have come into picture which are going to make this season a treat to watch. Also to facilitate overtaking, the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) will come into effect. Though optional, this would mean an extra 35 kgs to be added to the car and the interesting thing is that the overall car weight cannot go up. This implies that the drivers will have to keep a check on their weights now in order to satisfy the criteria. That sounds cool.

Well so many changes coming into picture, this year is certainly going to be the most interesting one. Gear up all the hamiltons and the raikkonens. Its gonna be tough. I hope I am able to catch all those races. Cheers !

March 18, 2009

My first blogger meet, that too in Bangalore

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Indiblogger meet

Indiblogger meet

Though its been time now but I finally find time to blog about this. After thinking for so many days and missing out on a few events, I finally found time to go to the Indibloggers bloggers meet held at the Microsoft office on the last day of february.

Bangalore, though is not a much happening place but for those who have a presence in the online world, this place is not that bad either. Regular blogger meets/camps take place which is what i love. 3 of them i’ve heard about , 2 out of which been able to attend. Also came across a writers group meet, though I coudnt go even there.

My first meet courtesy the Indiblogger community was a good one. Though it was held at a place which is a hated place in my dictionary, still target being something else I went there. Although my image of the  Microsoft (read as M$ from now) even became more downgraded. Supposedly a bloggers meet it became a M$ Product presentation for most of us there.

It started well with the group introducing themselves and then trying to introduce everyone. We were given a timer of 1 minute and had to complete in that. Though some people had enough to say and made their presence felt in that minute, I finished off in a flash and had nothing much to say. It lasted only a few seconds, dont know why but I didnt gather enough confidence even though it was an informal meet I just cudn’t pull up the confidence. Anyways, had some interesting things to hear during that period.

The meet would have been awesome had the second session been held at the last, the windows 7 presentation. Bah !  As soon as it started people started leaving the room and as it went on and on it was really turn off. Normally I am not one of those who get out in the middle of a presentation as being a presentor I can feel how that person might feel, but even I couldnt control and got up to ask anwin that “how long is going to last and what is next on the agenda, because this is not what i have come here for!!”. Only thing he could tell me was there are no more sessions like this and there are there because they are paying for pizzas. Huh. Nothing much to say I sat down again and had to listen to one of the most arrogant presentors I have ever seen. Sorry fot that but can’t help it. Infact, there were two guys, 1 of whom I got a chance to interact with during the pizza time, actually told that even he had ubuntu on his laptop, though a dual boot machine.What an irony !

Anyways after the pizzas the meet continued and we had some brainstorming where everybody sat close and discussed about  blogging, twitting and all those things which regular bloggers talk about. I was a bit unhappy because the main topic that everything revolved was about how to earn from blog. I, on a personal front, dont blog for money. Its all about sharing experiences and things like that. Probably most people who came there were not there for money as well, but again it was the M$ guy who started all that shit and being the presentor previously, took advantage and had a substantial presence on the discussions. he even asked foolish questions as to “why should i use twitter??” Well answer to him is, as i could not say this there- “M$ guys can never think of sharing knowledge, what they want is to know how to earn the $$”. Probably now I am clear why M$ is the most hated company in the world as well. Apart from a few contacts and nice people and ofcourse a list of blogs of those who attended the list I found …

Phew, my summary of the blog meet turned out to be against a company, sorry for that but thats how I am, I write my experience and what I felt. Hopefully wont go to a meet that involves the M$ thing.

Till then cheers.

P.S. Pics of the meet here.

March 11, 2009

Blogcamp Bengaluru

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BlogCamp Bengaluru is proposed to be a camp where we get together and discuss/rant/brain-storm/share opinions about about blogging technologies & trends, micro blogging, photo-blogging, video blogging, Social Media, … everything about the world of blogs & new media that interests us.

This is the first edition of BlogCamp in Bengaluru. Attendees are strongly encouraged to give a demo, a session, or help with one. You can help by taking notes on the wiki, blogging the event, helping to promote the event, or helping with logistics.


Saturday March 14, 2009 (Might extend for a second day to March 15)


St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Museum Road

Schedule for the Day (subject to change)

Registration: 9:00 – 10:00 am

Log On – 10:00 am

Lunch Break – 1.30 pm (1 hour)

Log Off – 5:00 pm


  • Laptop (if you have one)
  • Memory Stick/thumb drive (if you have one: for transferring presentations, demo code, etc)
  • Ideas and demos
  • Feel free to get along and distribute T-Shirts, corporate pens, Trial softwares, free accounts (for the cool web app you just launched)- this is a good place to let the community know about your stuff

The above material has been copied from the blogcamp meet wiki. For more details visit the wiki


March 10, 2009

Sign the FOSS Manifesto

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Below is a copy of an e-mail that i received from a mailing list, i am pasting a copy of it, because it was very well written and seems meaningful.


Hi All, The FOSS manifesto has been put up as a petition – Please go ahead and view the petition and endorse it. The idea is to collect as many signatures as possible and then submit the petition along with the list of signatories to various political parties. Hence, more the number of signatures, greater the weight of the petition. Please also pass on this message to anyone else you know outside of the community, who might be willing to endorse the petition. Thanks to Deeproot Linux for helping put this up!


Click here to sign the petition

thanks vinay for mailing it

Click here to view those who have already signed.

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