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March 21, 2009

Formula1 changes bring in more excitement

Filed under: events,Sports — Abhinav Sahai @ 9:32 pm

This year the formula1 will be all together a different sport. With major changes announced by the F1 bosses, it seems like just taking care of fast driving or the pit strategy will not be sufficient to win the races and finishing in the top3 regularly though not winning the race is no longer sufficient to win the title.

The new rule says that the winner of maximum no of races is going to take the title home even though he may have scored less points, in case of clash in the no of race wins, the points will come into consideration. Apart from that there are major technicla changes that will come into picture, though not all are applicable are from this year, the next season will have them as compulsory. Being optional not all teams might adopt all the changes ths season.

The bosses now have started giving more stress on the aerodynamics of the cars. Also they have asked the teams to cut down the costs. One major change is that the cars can use only 8 engines per season which means that they will have to decide when to change the engine  in the season on 17 races. If a driver changes an engine for more times then each time the number exceeds, he will have to lose 10 spots on the grid, which would possibly mean the end of the race for the car.

A lot of other important restrictions have come into picture which are going to make this season a treat to watch. Also to facilitate overtaking, the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) will come into effect. Though optional, this would mean an extra 35 kgs to be added to the car and the interesting thing is that the overall car weight cannot go up. This implies that the drivers will have to keep a check on their weights now in order to satisfy the criteria. That sounds cool.

Well so many changes coming into picture, this year is certainly going to be the most interesting one. Gear up all the hamiltons and the raikkonens. Its gonna be tough. I hope I am able to catch all those races. Cheers !


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