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May 17, 2009

The future of SLAM BOOKS

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Yesterday at a friend’s place I happened to come across a small tiny piece of notebook which most or rather I should say all of us would have come across at some point of life. Farewell time in schools or colleges is when these notebooks come out and then get filled in a weeks time, probably faster than any other notebook in a students life. If you’ve not guessed uptil now then I must tell you that I am talking about the Slam Book. Our favourite book which all of us get filled or fill for someone else when we leave our institutions or in better words when we leave our friends.

The ages old Slam Book

The ages old Slam Book

Yesterday when I came across another such book after quite a long time and as I went through an empty page just reading the questions I realized that what would be the future of these slam books. Lets see what would the questions turn out to be :

Name would be : Profile Name, Orkut Name, Facebook Name.

Instead of Address, there would be options like, twitter link, linkedin profile link, orkut link, facebook link and not to forget the email id. Maybe there would be added columns of telephone number.

Friends would be replaced by the number of orkut friends or better with the way twitter is growing, it would be “twitter followers”.

“Favourite phrase” would become “favourite tweet”.

“Favourite place” would become “favourite URL/link/website”.

“Favourite relative” would become “favourite orkut friend”.

“Hobbies” would get changed to “favourite applications used on orkut/facebook“.

“Favourite game” would look like “favourite gaming site”.

And last but not the least, the question we all look forward to :

“Lines for you”  would be replaced by “Testimonial” or maybe “Recommendation”.

And yes not to forget, I must say “my cool autograph” would look something like “my signature” and would have our fav one liners and our entire contact info, like most of us have on gmail.

Looks nice to me and would be more interesting is that really becomes a reality.


July 22, 2008

Hail this great world of softwares !

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Sometime back I had a mail from some Gaurav, who was on the lookout for original writers. He was paying some small amount for the writeups. Though he offered just a handful amount, I mailed back to him saying I would be happy to do the job if he found me worth it and I put up my blog address just in case he wished to see how or what I write about. I wasn’t interested in the money as that wasn’t even covering my fooding cost of even a single day.  It was just because of my interest and will for writing that I mailed him. But what I recieved in return completely shook me up. This is what he wrote :

Hi abhinav
i just checked your blog. it contains many copy paste articles and i am very sorry to say we dont require such team members.
We deal with international customers and violation of copy writing is strictly prohibited.

If you can deliver any original article, then i  can consider you for the application!

To anyone of my readers if you’ve ever read my post I guess you can very well tell what my blog is all about. Huh, was truly disgusted.

I mailed him something which I won’t write in public and his reply even shattered me.

I have nothing against you but the softwares shows plagiarism.
If you can provide us with unique content then i will be very happy to enroll you !

Well this poor world of softwares can never replace the beautiful people around. I guess some things the humans can do much better. God help those people who rely on softwares rather than their brains!

June 28, 2008

Too many tweets !

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Ever since I’ve been using Twitter, its been like something I never thought of. “What are you doing”, thats what they say and I sounds perfect too. But so many people doing so many things at the same time that they wish to tell everybody ! Phew. I logged into twitter just now and found that it was down, and on enquiring I found that it often has been down. This is what it shows.

While I was about to blog this I recalled that in the past 15 minutes I recieved 3 tweets and all of them personalised, addressed to someone for a specific task. If I had been there I guess I should have smsed or called for that matter in order to get those tasks done, why bug everybody unnecessarily. I dont know what I think is write or wrong but gives me the feeling that ethically it should be the case. Anyways this world is full of unethical people especially those earning the most amounts of money so its no point in complaining. Hope twitter improves soon or else it would lose traffic because of traffic.

Twitter down again

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