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August 19, 2009

Focus shifted

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I wrote this some time ago but had to remove the post for various reasons. It was to notify that my focus has shifted to blogging more on . Might be dropping on this blog maybe once or twice in a couple of months, that’s all. So you want to catch up with my posts there. Though not much work has been done there, my company keeps me away from blogging, still would try to keep that updated.


July 5, 2009

This one is for friends

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Two of my best friends have become Sarkari Babus. From the past one year I have been advicing, telling, shouting and don;t know what all to do in order to get some better job or become satisfied. And that too to an extent of loosing the friendship of one of them. Well all to no avail but now I feel that it’s good.

In a recessoin hit economy, where everyone is loosing jobs and more importantly vying for those comfortable and secure Government  Sector Jobs, they both have secured one. My dear friend Gurpreet, got through NIC and Abhisht has got through Allahabad Bank as an IT officer, wonder how he got through, haha.

Anyways wishing both of them congrats and luck for the future. Pray that they get all what they desire in life. Amen.

Wake me Up !

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Most of my friends have believe that I can do a lot of things on my own. Well, my view is probably all of us can. But why don’t we do it ?

In the recent past I have always criticised friends for not doing which I think they should be doing, probably most of the times even  they think the same but they don;t do. I had always asked my friends that you guys should also tell me when I go wrong or I am not doing which I should be doing. But, alas none of them did, atleast in the past 3 years.

Why I am blogging this? It’s only for the fact that finally I have found a person who is like me atleast when it comes to work and asking people to do by themseleves rather than doing it for them. The best part is that I don;t get bogged down, many or rather most people would get so because he says it in such a manner, but I get motivated because that’s what I want and tha’s what I have doing to my friends.

Past few days, ever since I started Zapylacz, I was asking him whenever I got stuck. A few times he answered but then he understood he was increasing problems for himself as well as for me. Then one day he wrote a few lines that “Woke ME Up” . I realized that though I could find the solutions myself still I was bugging him for an easy and fast way of getting my problem solved. This is may be correct for a couple of times, but always ? No is the answer and I am glad that I have woken up. Thanks deba for doing this to me. Thanks a ton. Also, my sincere thanks to Honey for the same.

May 17, 2009

The future of SLAM BOOKS

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Yesterday at a friend’s place I happened to come across a small tiny piece of notebook which most or rather I should say all of us would have come across at some point of life. Farewell time in schools or colleges is when these notebooks come out and then get filled in a weeks time, probably faster than any other notebook in a students life. If you’ve not guessed uptil now then I must tell you that I am talking about the Slam Book. Our favourite book which all of us get filled or fill for someone else when we leave our institutions or in better words when we leave our friends.

The ages old Slam Book

The ages old Slam Book

Yesterday when I came across another such book after quite a long time and as I went through an empty page just reading the questions I realized that what would be the future of these slam books. Lets see what would the questions turn out to be :

Name would be : Profile Name, Orkut Name, Facebook Name.

Instead of Address, there would be options like, twitter link, linkedin profile link, orkut link, facebook link and not to forget the email id. Maybe there would be added columns of telephone number.

Friends would be replaced by the number of orkut friends or better with the way twitter is growing, it would be “twitter followers”.

“Favourite phrase” would become “favourite tweet”.

“Favourite place” would become “favourite URL/link/website”.

“Favourite relative” would become “favourite orkut friend”.

“Hobbies” would get changed to “favourite applications used on orkut/facebook“.

“Favourite game” would look like “favourite gaming site”.

And last but not the least, the question we all look forward to :

“Lines for you”  would be replaced by “Testimonial” or maybe “Recommendation”.

And yes not to forget, I must say “my cool autograph” would look something like “my signature” and would have our fav one liners and our entire contact info, like most of us have on gmail.

Looks nice to me and would be more interesting is that really becomes a reality.

April 25, 2009

Top 6 reasons to fire your employees in the IT slowdown

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Are you the owner of an IT firm who does not have enough projects and are thinking of laying-off your employees, but can’t figure out the reasons to show them the door ! Read on to find out the top reasons which you can use to fire them.

Get Fired

Reason 1. You send too many mails. Reportedly India’s top firms are firing employees who send too many mails and believe it or not they say it’s “disciplinary action”.

Reason 2. You tapped that cigarette smoke on the floor. How dare you do that? Even though you are in the smoking zone, you cannot drop the ash on the floor. Any guys listening? beware.

Reason 3. You did not take the BUS-PASS. You cannot afford to do that my dear employee. Yes that’s true as well. Heard of a top-notch IT company firing its employees because he did not take the bus pass and was traveling in the company bus. Man, what a BIGG mistake was that. I am glad I did that just for 10 days and wasn’t caught. Phew! a narrow escape I guess.

Reason 4. Ask them to join the BPO. If there’s anyone who rates the sector which created hundreds of thousands of jobs in India then it’s an IT professional. So what better way to say bye-bye to them than asking them to join the BPO. Its like you don’t ask them to quit but still they will do it and your purpose will be solved.

Reason 5. Organize unnecessary tests. After so many years of studying and clearing those exams, one imagines that once we get into job we imagine and expect that we won’t have to face them again. But thanks to recession companies have started organizing tests and asking people especially on bench to take them and what’s worse is that if you don’t clear them, you will be FIRED.

Reason 6. If somehow you escaped from the above conditions even then you are not safe because this reason is something which will definitely fire you. IF YOU ARE FOUND STRETCHING YOURSELF (STRETCHING HANDS TO EASY OUT, READ AS “ANGDAYI “ IN HINDI) IN THE TEST, YOU WILL BE FIRED. This is something India’s top IT firm has implemented in its training center recently.

They are just looking for reasons, how impracticable they may seem, companies are least bothered. All they want is to see the staff off because they can’t bear them anymore.

Recently I met an employee in one of those firms and I’ll end with what he had to say, “They are just looking for reasons, even if you shit in a wrong manner, you will be shown the door”.

October 27, 2008

Its all in the environment

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How many of you have had your boss’ sitting next to you with a hand on your shoulder and asking “aaj kya laye ho khane me ?” or changed his route on way to home  and dropped you home after a party?? Or the PM in your company asking you to get more of food so that everybody can eat or making fun of every single post on the technical mailing list?? These are just a few points I mentioned to describe the environment in my office.How many of us feel like going to office? Or let me ask how many keep waiting for that friday in office and just wish that monday never comes?? Well the scenario at srijan is different, people willingly coming on saturdays and sometimes even on sundays to the office. They dont wait for the weekend and want that monday to come. This is because of the environment that is present at Srijan. When I came for an interview, I was asked a question what kind of a work environment do you expect and I had no answers just that people should be helping and supportive. After spending some 10 days at Srijan now I understand what that question meant !

Open source is about freedom and truly if that’s how companies adopting the open source work then I guess I will not like to leave such an environment for whatever money is on offer.  In these 10 days I have been asked by many people what is the package and scope and things like that, but to each of one I have answered their questions and added one answer from myself, I am loving the work. Nice technologies, good clients and the best part the WORK CULTURE at Srijan is just terrific.

I had thought of writing this but was not getting time or I should say was behaving in a lazy manner but this blog post at my company’s official blog motivated me enough to finally pen it down here. Thanks to everybody at Sriajn.

October 21, 2008

Got the BIGGER thing ! Cheers

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I have been dying to write this and finally found time after exactly a week. My previous post was a result of a disappointment but it ended with a positive message “Something even bigger is waiting for me !” and thats exactly what has happened in my life.  Last tuesday I went to Srijan for an interview with much fright in my mind than for any other interview as I knew I could be torn apart in terms of technical knowledge. But also had the confidence of my strong profile.

Well I had sessions/interviews with 3 people and was then asked to leave with the message that I would be intimated in a few days time. Then suddenly I was asked to wait and then after a long wait they said “OK, when can you join us? ” I was so thrilled that without even realising anything I said TOMORROW. It was only later when I came back to my cousin’s place that I did not even have clothes to wear !!! Just had two pair of formals out of which 1 I was already wearing ! I was so excited that I left even without taking the offer letter. It was only when I was called back, could I collect the letter.

Srijan, a company working using the open source tools. I had always dreamt of joining such a company as I never wanted to go to the inferior proprietery world. People with no knowledge making pathetic pieces of softwares and undeservedly getting more money. Thats why I was never thought of joining iGate Global Solutions, the company that offered me a campus offer, me being the lone CS guy selected from my college and being one of the 54 selected from a whopping 1300 students.

Well, my happiness not ended with the Srijan offer letter, I was even more happy when I met the people here and saw the work culture. It’s not one of those where you need to carry your ID all the time, need to swipe them in order to get in and stay quiet when inside the office. It was like maggi tomato ketchup (boss, its different! ) No need of carrying Id’s, no coffee machine at the corner of a large hall, no sitting at your place for the entire day, no need to unnecessarily talk in english, no horrifying bosses or trainers, though I still fear Atul sir, the person who helped me out with the work the first dew days and no bakwas, in short masti@work. And the best part being flexible work timings, man made chai at your place and and and you could even workd from your home if you are not well or for some genuine reasons like that, provided you actually WORK. I was asked by Hari sir what do you mean by a good environment, now I understand what that is! I am really glad to be in between intellectuals and so talented people and at the same time such great collegues. See I said na, “Something even bigger is waiting for me !”

September 28, 2008

Abhinav Sahai shown the exit door on communication skills

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It may sound like I rate Sahai very high but I just couldn’t avoid writing this as it left me completely shattered and shell shocked. Yeah, Abhinav Sahai was asked to leave from the hall after he was not fit or did not score the required on the communication skill graph.

A looooooo….ong (maybe even more longer) as a 10 hour waited ended in just 20 seconds and all dreams lost in a flash. I cancelled my return ticket to home a few days back when I got an sms from Monster that Steria was conducting a walkin interview in its office on the 27th of this month. I decided to stay at ranu bhaiya’s place till then and enquired about the company. Found it good enough and was happy that finally some big company was conducting a walkin. Was confident and had already thinking that what joining date would I choose, where would I stay and all such stuff. That wasn’t over confidence I must mention. Sahai is normally never over confident though he does seem under confident sometimes. I guess thats what happened.

26th night he was busy preparing for the interview, little had he though that he wouldn’t be able to even appear for the interview. 27th morning as his elder brother had asked him, he reached the centre 1 hour before the scheduled time, but to no avail as the management was pathetic over there. Not much mentioning about it, I’d only say that he could only get entry after a wait of some 9 and a half hours at 6:30 in the evening. By then all the energy had drained off, shirt gone awry and awfullly smelling of sweat. Couldn’t help, thanks to the great management, which again I wouldn’t discuss.

Anyways got inside and had a sigh of relief, had water etc after which we were taken to the cafetaria where the energy came back within minutes. A tall, heavy personality was already seated there. He told us that

since we didn’t expect such a big crowd to turn up so we’ve decided to hold an elimination round before the interview. The round will check the communication skills of the candidates, his pronounciation and his fluency etc. The reason for this was that we have almost 99% of our clients overseas and the candidates need to talk to them, for which we hire people who can understand them.So I need all of you to tell us in 20 secs ‘why you wish to work for Steria ?

I straightaway started thinking about the reason and frankly telling couldn’t think of one till quite late ! Finally I thought of something and went there to utter my answer. When I finished I was shocked to hear what that man said, “Thank you Abhinav, you may please leave now”. For a few seconds I thought I heard him incorrectly. Without thinking and still in the state of shock, I picked up my bag and left the hall. Was asked to wait in the lobby before the security took me to the exit door. I walked almost a kilometre or maybe even more before I hired a rickshaw to bhaiya’s place. Its been around 5 hours since that incident but I am still unable to get out of it actually. Talked to a couple of friends, both of whom were in total disbelief and were saying that I was kidding, wish I was kidding and ofcourse bhaiya, ofcourse everybody trying to pacify me but all to no avail. Lets see how quickly I get out of this.

All I can say is that my phuphaji was right, this is your bad phase and it will take 3-4 months to pass. Till today I never believed in things like “bad phase” or “din hoga to nikal jaega” but today I am bound to change my perception. Though I have just one thought in my mind, “Something even bigger is waiting for me !”

September 12, 2008

Steve jobs Stanford Speech, pathfinding one.

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A few moments ago I wrote something about doing what you love. Just recalled that when such a great person of the cadre of Steve Jobs has said regarding this, who will listen to me. Here’s what he said.

A truly inspiring video. Do watch it. Incase you don’t know who he is, this video will tell you that also.

September 11, 2008

Any humans left alive ?

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Whatever has happened in the last few weeks has prompted me to write this post or rather think why didn’t I become a doctor ? I am an engineer now and my stay at my college in the last few years has given me so many diseases that I have visited as many as 6 doctors ever since I have returned home.

Well that’s not the frustrating part if you are thinking, actually the amount of uncertainty all these doctors have created in my mind made me think that I should have been a doctor. The problem is not that a person has some disease, the problem is that he’s not diagnosed with the correct problem and a wrong medication may worsen his problem. The doctors I think have lost the credibility and most of them exist only to mint money. Yeah I use the word mint because the heavy fees they charge is not exactly what they deserve but totally a profit they make from someone’s helplessness. In all these days I have had wrong diagnoses, wrong medicines and you won’t believe that I had been wearing the wrong lenses since the last four years. These shops are also making by fooling the people. To add to that when I got my eyes tested again and ordered for a new pair of lenses, I am told by the shopkeeper that he’ll day one more day since the lenses made were not correct. Ideally a customer would increase faith in the shopkeeper thinking that he’s getting it correct himself but guess what when he handed the new pair to me, I straight away went to my doctor again and to my disbelief even the latest pair was incorrectly made. Wow! why don’t they shut their shops and sit quietly at home, earning by making a fool out of the people will only earn them curses and they’ll suffer later in their lives. Its their choice though, earn more and suffer more or have the less of both the things.

Some time ago I was diagnosed with stones in my kidney, a normal problem, many people have it. But the amount of money it took to diagnose those two stones was unimaginable. One doctor said there are no stones, other said there might be and by the time the stones were found, I had spent a whopping 8000 rupees out from my dad’s pocket. Shame on these doctors, A doctor was called the second to GOD as he could lives, but what have they become now ??

Are there any humans left on earth now ? Or its only the money left alive ?

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