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March 11, 2009

Blogcamp Bengaluru

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BlogCamp Bengaluru is proposed to be a camp where we get together and discuss/rant/brain-storm/share opinions about about blogging technologies & trends, micro blogging, photo-blogging, video blogging, Social Media, … everything about the world of blogs & new media that interests us.

This is the first edition of BlogCamp in Bengaluru. Attendees are strongly encouraged to give a demo, a session, or help with one. You can help by taking notes on the wiki, blogging the event, helping to promote the event, or helping with logistics.


Saturday March 14, 2009 (Might extend for a second day to March 15)


St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Museum Road

Schedule for the Day (subject to change)

Registration: 9:00 – 10:00 am

Log On – 10:00 am

Lunch Break – 1.30 pm (1 hour)

Log Off – 5:00 pm


  • Laptop (if you have one)
  • Memory Stick/thumb drive (if you have one: for transferring presentations, demo code, etc)
  • Ideas and demos
  • Feel free to get along and distribute T-Shirts, corporate pens, Trial softwares, free accounts (for the cool web app you just launched)- this is a good place to let the community know about your stuff

The above material has been copied from the blogcamp meet wiki. For more details visit the wiki



March 10, 2009

Sign the FOSS Manifesto

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Below is a copy of an e-mail that i received from a mailing list, i am pasting a copy of it, because it was very well written and seems meaningful.


Hi All, The FOSS manifesto has been put up as a petition – Please go ahead and view the petition and endorse it. The idea is to collect as many signatures as possible and then submit the petition along with the list of signatories to various political parties. Hence, more the number of signatures, greater the weight of the petition. Please also pass on this message to anyone else you know outside of the community, who might be willing to endorse the petition. Thanks to Deeproot Linux for helping put this up!


Click here to sign the petition

thanks vinay for mailing it

Click here to view those who have already signed.

February 21, 2009


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Visit to discover Indian blogs

February 10, 2009

The Pink Chaddi Campaign

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Dear Pink Chaddi donaters,
please courier/mail your chaddi’s to:

The Pink Chaddi Campaign,
C/O Alternate Law Forum,
122/4 Infantry Road (opposite Infantry Wedding House)Bangalore 560001

Contact persons:
Nithin (9886081269)
Divya (9845535406)
Nisha ( 9811893733)


If you are in Delhi,
Bring your packages to
Nisha Susan
C/o Tehelka
M76, M-Block Market
Greater Kailash 2

11 February

February 8, 2009

Bangalore IndiBlogger meet 2009

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28/02/2009 at 15:00
Bangalore Blogger Meet

Kingfisher Heavy Metal Blogger Meet-14 Feb

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January 23, 2009

Taking a break

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Its been since long since I last posted something here, infact when i logged in just now I was surprised to see a completely different wordpress dashboard. I have shifted to a new location, the IT capital of India and have still not been able to settle myself. Phew, thats the reason that i haven’t been posting as well. Hope to settle soon and then keep all you people updated, till then bbye.

November 18, 2008

Vote for me

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Hi everybody

My last post had the information about a blog contest. This is what i got a few hours ago::


Congrats! Your blog has been shortlisted for the Top 15 blogs which are eligible for voting from the 100’s of entries.

All the selected blogs were selected and displayed in :

# From the top 15,  3 blogs (2 English and 1 Regional) will be selected by voting
# Voting ends on Nov 27th

Start your campaign and ask your visitors to vote for you.

Happy Voting 🙂



November 8, 2008

Blogging Contest

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On the occasion of Kanyakumari’s 53rd birthday, announces
Rs.25,000 worth Blog Contest.

Send them your blog details and participate in the Rs.25,000 worth Blog Contest.
****One User can submit only one blog / language.****

Click here and send your entry

October 31, 2008

India’s no 1, in (C)hess mind it, not (C)ricket

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Anand with the Championship trophy

Anand with the Championship trophy

Peter Roebuck, Australia’s famous Cricket writer is in India, for covering the Border Gavaskar Trophy but yesterday, first lines he spoke were something like this, “I have never seen this before, the frontpage of the newspapers having Chess as its headline”. Well Mr.Peter I guess there are some things unique about India and when it comes to brainpower then I guess India has quite often proven its supremacy to the world. Yet again we prove that when Vishwanathan Anand, India’s first Grandmaster won the World Chess Championship.

Vishwanathan Anand, ranked no. 1 since 2007, has now been crowned the undisputed king of the world in the game of chess. He had won the Rapid Title (07) and also won in tournament format (07 again) and if there was anything he wanted badly was this, the title in the matchplay format. He beat Russia’s Vladimir Kramnik by 2-game margin to become the First Non Russian since Bobby Fischer in 1972 to win against a Russian in this format of the game. With world titles in all formats of the game he can heave a sigh of relief and bring a smile on his face, finally !

India maybe having the better of the world champs in Cricket, but this I guess should be rated as India’s biggest sports feat and stands at par if not above with the Cricket World Series title in 83 or Abhinav Bindra’s gold medal at the olympics. Hopefully many youngsters will follow him in and get inspired to produce more such results and more glory to the nation. Cheers for Anand, cheers for India.

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