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May 17, 2009

The future of SLAM BOOKS

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Yesterday at a friend’s place I happened to come across a small tiny piece of notebook which most or rather I should say all of us would have come across at some point of life. Farewell time in schools or colleges is when these notebooks come out and then get filled in a weeks time, probably faster than any other notebook in a students life. If you’ve not guessed uptil now then I must tell you that I am talking about the Slam Book. Our favourite book which all of us get filled or fill for someone else when we leave our institutions or in better words when we leave our friends.

The ages old Slam Book

The ages old Slam Book

Yesterday when I came across another such book after quite a long time and as I went through an empty page just reading the questions I realized that what would be the future of these slam books. Lets see what would the questions turn out to be :

Name would be : Profile Name, Orkut Name, Facebook Name.

Instead of Address, there would be options like, twitter link, linkedin profile link, orkut link, facebook link and not to forget the email id. Maybe there would be added columns of telephone number.

Friends would be replaced by the number of orkut friends or better with the way twitter is growing, it would be “twitter followers”.

“Favourite phrase” would become “favourite tweet”.

“Favourite place” would become “favourite URL/link/website”.

“Favourite relative” would become “favourite orkut friend”.

“Hobbies” would get changed to “favourite applications used on orkut/facebook“.

“Favourite game” would look like “favourite gaming site”.

And last but not the least, the question we all look forward to :

“Lines for you”  would be replaced by “Testimonial” or maybe “Recommendation”.

And yes not to forget, I must say “my cool autograph” would look something like “my signature” and would have our fav one liners and our entire contact info, like most of us have on gmail.

Looks nice to me and would be more interesting is that really becomes a reality.


September 12, 2008

Steve jobs Stanford Speech, pathfinding one.

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A few moments ago I wrote something about doing what you love. Just recalled that when such a great person of the cadre of Steve Jobs has said regarding this, who will listen to me. Here’s what he said.

A truly inspiring video. Do watch it. Incase you don’t know who he is, this video will tell you that also.

September 8, 2008

Happy birthday to me

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7th sept ’07 i was with friends, celebrations had already started and by the time it was 12 o clock, huge  crowd was waiting at my room-door, all ready to kick my butts. Thrown up in the sky and being kicked everytime I came down. Then the wishes, the phone calls and then the party at our favourite upadhyay ji ka dhaba. This was how it was last year and a couple of years added to it as well.

This year the scenario’s completely different. Moved out of college, at home, not for the best of reasons though, but the way of celebration certainly changed. No friends, no party, nobody ready to kick me and forget the dhaba. The lone similarity was the phone calls, that too a very small number as compared to the ones in college. Morning I woke up with honey’s call/sms only to find that he was missing the same.

It’s all over, college life’s over, boys graduating to men and time to earn your living. Well thats how life is, nothings permanent, its evolution always and we have to adapt accordingly. Hope to see a few friends in the evening, and night calls a for the end of a quiet birthday.

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me !

July 22, 2008

Leaving my second home, to make my life larger

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Nothing really to blog about. PossiblyLeaving for home. After 4 long years of my graduation, its time to go home and look on for some thing, probably something to make my career. Its bbye to my college RKGIT. Thanks for making me the person I am today and ofcourse giving me everything. Thanks a lot.

June 30, 2008

A weekend after a long long time

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Saturday night at 11.30 in the night as I have dinner with my friend Gurpreet I uttered “hey,its sunday tomorrow, and it seems like we’ll realize the importance of a weekend after a lo(oo)ng time”. Then later i thought of this and then realized its been almost or maybe even more than TWO years since we waited for a sunday. No, if you’re thinking that we’ve been working so hard that sundays didn’t matter for us then I am So SORRY that you’ve guessed it absolutely wrong. The period I am talking about signifies only that we’ve enjoyed all those years irrespective of the day. A sunday, an off day for normal people, or a monday, a busy day for the working class, had little significance for us. All days were equal and enjoyment was the need of the hour.

Ever since I have taken the responsibilty in the summer workshop, on Yogesh’s request, its been like i have taken up a 9:30 to 5 job which keeps me busy and then doing something for myself after the job and then going to bed around 12 or 1 am. And when the same cylce continues for even 5 days on the drought, it gives me immense pleasure to think that today’s a SUNDAY. A big-big weekend for me. AaaaaHhhhhhhh….a huge sign of relief. God, if this is how life becomes after i join some company, i doubt how long will i be able to survive?? C’mon yar show me some creativity and get me out of this “working for others” industry and that too as per “their” timings. Phew…i need to think of some IDEA soon and start afresh a business or else all my life i’ll keep waiting for the WEEKEND!

June 19, 2008

IT industry downfall….hammers on my head this time

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Dear Abhinav Sahai,

This is further to your Offer of Appointment with iGATE Global Solutions.  We are glad to share your date of joining at iGATE.  Please note that you are required to join us on 14th May ’09 at our Bangalore office.  Please find below the address of our office along with relevant details for your joining.  Please carry a copy of this email on the day of joining.

This gift is received when I logged into my gmail inbox a few minutes ago.  All I could say was WOOOOOW….huh. The industry is headed for a downfall but I thought that they might delay it by six months, well I ended up with my final semester exams on 17th of May’08. And now wait till 14th May 09.

Well this is just a confirmation of the fact that the companies are just respecting their offer letters and nothing else. Everyone knows that by giving such a delayed (with an extra d) joining date, the person would automatically look for other options. Well now I can call myself very smart as I was already on the hunt for another job. May I succeed quickly. Amen.

An advice to all those graduating this year, start hunting for other options as this might,though should not, but maybe, happen to you as well.

Saw this at the footer of the mail apart from the text in between, only for those who might be thinking that the company which recruited me might be poor.

iGATE is Ranked No. 3 in DQ

-IDC best IT employer survey and Ranked No.6
by Business Today-Mercer Human Resource Consulting-TNS  in a cross industry survey of Best Companies to work for in India

June 14, 2008

It works !

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Aaaaahhhh! Gives you immense feeling when you see something like this. After hours of hard work and a deep study of the documentation when I could see my first “Hello World” program in PHP, I thought to express my happiness before moving ahead with it. Well those of you who know PHP must be thinking how damn easy it is and what took me so long to do it. Arghh, it was just something like not knowing what mistake I was committing and hence was unable to find the solution. Anyways its working now and I dont wanna waste any time before moving ahead. Wishing my self all the best, its time to do some coding.

June 11, 2008

Being away shows the importance

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March 27,2006. The date when I created the Orkut Community Rkgit 2008 Batch. Batchmates joined it initially in a hurry and then with time it slowed down. It was just once in a blue moon that some request to join the community was visible and it brought a smile on my face always, someone wants to be a part of it. With around 150 members I had believed that this is the max no. of people that would associate with it.

Then last year all of a sudden, some unconventional activity saw the ratings go up to the peak all of a sudden and there’s were several requests all of a sudden. Well, in the end it all went in the negative side. Barring that day never had I seen so many requests.

Now the batch has completed its engineering. People parting their ways in search of bright careers. Everybody heading for different locations and places. Some still waiting in campus for some thing fruitful to happen. But what is common in everyone is that now nobody wants to be separated. Being in touch with everyone seems a difficult task but not impossible, thanks to these social networking sites. Nowadays the batch community might be inactive as far as polls or topics are concerned but what is active again is the no of people joining it. Each single day I have at least a couple of requests. Some times I have to go through to people’s profiles in order to find out whether he/she ‘s really a batch mate ! But feels great to see everyone dropping in. At least they find it important to be in contact with the batch whatever means it may be possible. Getting away from college is showing them the importance of the group. Chalo whatever be reason, wish that everyone remains in contact. Amen.

College Days

June 10, 2008

Maula mere lele meri jaan !

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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of


This is what our project report has inscribed on its cover page. I guess it means if you don’t complete your project then you won’t get your B.Tech degree. An engineer without a project means I guess he’s just finished wasting 4 most precious years of his life.

Well that’s the rude part, now lets talks about practicality. Out of around 350 students not even 15 have actually made their projects. Around 15-20 tried making it but were unsuccessful due to various reasons and 5-10 were termed a fool by their group-mates when they expressed their thought of making something on their own. Lets take the round figure to 50 (at the max, being a bit lenient). That takes the count to 300. That means 85% of the students have not even tried making projects from their own. These stats are from my college but what I realized when I saw students from other U.P.T.U. colleges I was dumbstruck. I found that in some colleges the rate was even high. In some colleges the rate being 100%. What a petty sight especially if you happen to be a teacher or someone from the university.
Well the problem I guess is not with the students, its with the entire system. The University, the curriculum, the colleges, the teachers and last but not the least the students. The way the things are taught, the exam papers are framed, the way they are checked, the way students get their marks (be it external or internal) and the way the students pass. The entire system is at fault, I don’t say that students are not at fault but you cannot expect much from them, and I even say it would be wrong to blame them.
I remember one of my friends in EC (Electronics & Communications) said “

its better that teachers take Rs.3000 themselves. Its much better than spending time and hard work going to Delhi and fetching that project.

It may sound stupid but it’s not wrong either if its pondered practically. As far my personal experience of the project presentation is concerned, the examiner said

Kuch batano ho to bata dijiye (you may tell whatever you want to)

and while we in the process of explaining him, his dumbfounded expression led us to say that it was all. 3 of us didn’t even need to open the locks on our mouths.
After the presentation I thought it was good that we didn’t work hard for it, just downloading and reading the documentation once did the trick, though a couple of people who were in the group didn’t do even that. But in the end everyone gets almost the same marks so what’s the point in doing it ????

I guess every year as I have been doing it, this university is never going to produce actual engineers if it doesn’t change its SYSTEM. I can just hope that it improves, and maybe pray a bit. In the end all i can say is Good luck to all those unfortunate and non hard workers who are going to join the UPTU in the coming years. Or else as soon as they will land up the industry and face those interviews they are just going to utter the same thing which students cry before and after each project presentation……..

Maula Mera Lele Meri Jaan !

End of the most beautiful phase of LIFE!

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Life, seems to be getting better day by day. When we were young we thought this is the best phase of life, no tension, no fear, felt like the king of the world. Then we grew up a little and thought that the standards 11-12 were the best phase. that was the time when everyone says is when one actually enjoys the school life. Belongingness to the school starts in class 9, when we give the Good Luck party to the seniors of class 10 for their BOARDS. Then in class 10 we get the party ourselves. Class 11 is again when we play the hosts and bid farewell to the senior most batch in school. And then the last year of school life and by the day of the farewell everyone is crying, parting with friends is a tough job, something that no one wants to do. There are cries that this was the most beautiful phase of life and will never come again.
I guess even I said those words maybe. But 4 years down the line I guess maybe I was wrong. Life is beautiful always. It doesn’t matter what phase is it and what class or work we are performing. It totally depends on how we take life. If school was great then college life was awesome and not to mention the life ahead may be even better. It’s just the perception of the person. If you enjoy life as it comes to you then you will never going to regret about your past or maybe think that past was better. Obviously memories remain and they should remain, good ones always remain close to the heart. Close friends always remain in contact, again it depends whether you wish to remain in touch. I am still in touch with my school friends even now. Some of whom I haven’t met for around 6-7 years. In the end what matters is WISH.
This is not the end of the most beautiful phase of life, IT IS THE BEGINNING. Come lets celebrate this new era with open hands and take life in such a manner that one doesn’t need to say that the past was good. Lets make the future even better. Cheers to this new generation of engineers !

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