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June 30, 2008

A weekend after a long long time

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Saturday night at 11.30 in the night as I have dinner with my friend Gurpreet I uttered “hey,its sunday tomorrow, and it seems like we’ll realize the importance of a weekend after a lo(oo)ng time”. Then later i thought of this and then realized its been almost or maybe even more than TWO years since we waited for a sunday. No, if you’re thinking that we’ve been working so hard that sundays didn’t matter for us then I am So SORRY that you’ve guessed it absolutely wrong. The period I am talking about signifies only that we’ve enjoyed all those years irrespective of the day. A sunday, an off day for normal people, or a monday, a busy day for the working class, had little significance for us. All days were equal and enjoyment was the need of the hour.

Ever since I have taken the responsibilty in the summer workshop, on Yogesh’s request, its been like i have taken up a 9:30 to 5 job which keeps me busy and then doing something for myself after the job and then going to bed around 12 or 1 am. And when the same cylce continues for even 5 days on the drought, it gives me immense pleasure to think that today’s a SUNDAY. A big-big weekend for me. AaaaaHhhhhhhh….a huge sign of relief. God, if this is how life becomes after i join some company, i doubt how long will i be able to survive?? C’mon yar show me some creativity and get me out of this “working for others” industry and that too as per “their” timings. Phew…i need to think of some IDEA soon and start afresh a business or else all my life i’ll keep waiting for the WEEKEND!


April 18, 2008

No money, No honey !!!

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It’s the final semester and for the first time I have felt this way. For the first time I am left with no money! Yeah, no money in my pockets, no money to be borrowed and no money in my bank account. Yeah that’s a fact as well, not many know it but though I have borrowed a lot of times but its never been that I am nil in the reserve(my ATM).

I borrowed 200 bucks yesterday, that too with much difficulty, and it’s all gone thanks to my eye infection. I have been a regular customer to the sector market in these 4 years and for the first time I returned with just a cup of tea in my stomach. Gurpreet was getting an egg roll packed for Shishir and I was………… looking. Friends coming in at the shop and eating away but all me and Gurpreet did was…… STARE.

It’s never been that I have been so helpless. Not getting to eat, no money for medicine, not even for soap and hair-oil. I guess my worst nightmares are coming alive. My system not working, no money, no food, I don’t know what’s coming next.

Now I understand why India is poor, why the poor never get rich and why they fall ill, or die because of petty illnesses. I know what poorness is now, and how 70% of our country, which is still below the poverty line lives. I promise to do something for them once I am capable of doing but at the moment I feel helping my selves.

Having spent so much already in this semester I can’t ask papa for more cash, especially at a time when he’s angry with me. Hope to find some way out of this soon. Amen.

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